Insatiable Hunger

What the general public considers success is my beginning,

Nobody is perfect, we’re all sinning, the only option I accept is winning.

You never experienced an author who’s this gifted,

Flying high above any publishers visions, I’m lifted.

The day I die there will be a terrential downpour,

I’m a vicious monster, attacking the heart, infiltrating your core.

Known as the literary assassin, death has me laughing,

Eating these writer’s alive; it’s a fatal attraction.

Living what I’m preaching, you lie to yourself,

My mission is full of teaching, health is wealth.

Determined to change the world like Steve Jobs,

I’m incredibly different, delicious like corn on the cob.

Ego and pride doesn’t come out of my essence,

The city is mine, I knew this fact since I was living through adolescence.

Enemies greet me with salutations of peace and respect,

Satan is see through, the deception is easy to detect.

Envisioning and executing what’s deemed impossible,

I make the most difficult tasks probable.

Fists full of fury, ready to throw hands,

Controlling the province, public leaders follow my commands.

Peace, love, blessings and forgiveness,

Benevolent, righteous deeds; God is my witness.

I never ran and never will, always going in for the kill,

I could catch you completely still, giving your bones the chills.

Fearing another man is absolutely frivolous,

If you’re frightened by the unknown, you’re being an idiot.

Shining like the big dipper, my wits are becoming quicker,

Getting my weight up, everything on my body is becoming bigger.

Representing the Mecca of scintillating stories,

Concocting lethal word chemicals like a laboratory.

Shooting for the top means you’re creating crops,

The world desires my prose, the garden I planted is solid as a rock.


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