I’m getting to it, even when I’m going through it,

Certified check like Nike; just do it.

Taking a few shots to the chin is required to win,

Fight for what you envision, knock down goals like bowling pins.

Low key profile, still moving fast and wild,

Impeccable style, beating every tribulation and trial.

Adrenaline is addictive like cinnamon; forever genuine,

I’m a popular commodity, setting my own trends.

Puzzling intellectuals, they can’t solve my equations,

All part of being a legendary blasian.

Once I put out a book I have you craving more,

My name is held in high esteem, penetrating your core.

It took awhile for my creativity to make a gigantic impact,

The only thing I know how to write are straight facts.

Go against the grain and expect judgments and ridicule,

I’m providing life with these words, more refreshing than a pool.

Nobody can take away what I’m going to gain,

Numbers wise, the figures won’t leave your brain.

Getting to the top requires tenacity and veracity,

Producing words at a higher capacity.

Actually, I still face insane catastrophe’s,

But I make every problem disappear magically.

If you think you caught me slipping you’re sadly mistaken,

Whatever you decide to come for has already been taken.

You won’t steal what’s received from work ethic and blessings,

Peaceful and secure, but can move rapidly in a dangerous direction.

My brand is all about building up life and revitalizing wits,

Gambling on my life with these words, destroying the devils tricks.

Shooting higher like a star, riding on the highway like a car,

Surpassed all of those people who said I wouldn’t get far.

Burning down author’s careers, the literary alchemist,

Sleeping three-four hour nights, and I’m still experiencing bliss.



12 thoughts on “Perseverance

      1. What is your email? I will send them over in PDF when they’re available for preorder during early 2017.

        I only ask for a honest review, if you don’t like it then express your opinion. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

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