Building Great Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an essential element that defines the level of success you wish to achieve. Getting your name out in the eyes of the general public is only the beginning stages of creating wealth and longevity; this is a lifelong process that must be treated with seriousness and respect.

Having a brand the public can trust is a crucial aspect to ensure constant growth as the years progress.

Everyone dreams of building a business model that reaps success for the long-term, but they look for shortcuts that only tear apart the fabric and reputation of their business. Nothing happens overnight in this world–so stop falling for all of the gimmicks that advertise they can create a platform for your business to be viewed by millions of people.

All it takes is one person to believe in you. I’m a big believer in multiplying your effort. If you’re capable of making $10 you can multiply your effort ten times until you hit $100, and proceed to do the same thing until you hit a million. Sure, it takes longer than you expected, but nothing worth having comes easy, and anything that comes easy isn’t worth having.

Since most of us are intrigued and immersed fully in this digital world; we forget the value of word of mouth, which is the most effective marketing tool on the planet.

Your budget could be an unlimited pool of funds, but if the product or service you’re offering people is garbage, then nobody will feel inclined to speak about it. Content is what rules the landscape–never forget that.

Locating where your targeted demographic hangs out online helps, but it won’t propel your brand to a level of greatness that molds the average person into a legend. Going one step further by finding out where their friends spend their time is the art of expansion.

Putting all of your eggs in one basket can be disastrous, there’s no time to waste more time on people you’ve already convinced. Targeting one specific audience is only the inception, you must climb the mountain and meet others on the way towards the top. Think about what age ranges, gender, and geographical area would benefit the most from what your brand offers, and engage in conversation with them.

Speaking to other entrepreneur’s who have already experienced success and are continuing to is another method. Once someone with major influence co-signs your work, it helps grow your brand exponentially.

Keep in mind that these entrepreneurs are very busy people with hectic, chaotic schedules, so don’t become discouraged if they don’t respond to you on the first attempt to reach out.

Getting on other people’s radar is a practice you must consistently implement every single day. Try to engage with new people or companies online every chance you get. Don’t act desperate; present your inquiry with professionalism and confidence.

If someone you admire hasn’t responded after a few weeks, then try a different approach and reach out again. Persistence is an attribute everyone respects.

The digital platform is only half of the engagement your brand needs. Getting out into the world and making connections is actually more important than having a large following on social media and digital influence.

Followers, likes, comments, and subscribers don’t equate to dollars and cents.

Brands that make a heavy impact won’t conform to industry rules and regulations. Disrupting the industry, creating your own trends, and allowing people to follow a new tradition is revolutionary. The choice is yours: set limitations for your brand by abiding to rules that are designed to hold your back or make your mark on the world by doing something different.

Attending seminars, events, panels, and conferences are a great way to meet powerful people in your industry.

Dress for success, don’t show up dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and expect to be taken seriously. Make sure you’re well groomed, dressed in something formal that matches; it must exude style. And bring a notepad to write down questions or take down important tips you can capitalize on in the future.

Just because you showed up at an event of the year doesn’t mean anything if you don’t step outside of your comfort zone and speak to others. Inform them about what you do, why you attended, and really listen keenly to what they have to tell you.

Indelible imprints aren’t necessarily left by what you say–but more so, in how you listen to another’s perspective. Penetrating the window of their soul is a feeling people won’t forget, so your face and information is remembered, instead of forgotten. We have two ears to listen, they hold much more power than our mouths–believe that!

Once the presentation has concluded, and they open up the forum for a Q&A, you need to engage in the conversation. Stand up, project your question directly to the person you’re asking– be assertive enough to make your presence known in the room–try to be one of the first to ask because someone else may beat you to the punch and ask a similar question that answers what you had planned on asking.

Absorb the information they are giving you and figure out how you can implement that tactic into your next marketing strategy. There’s always room for groundbreaking tactics that can take the way your market your brand to the next level; don’t count any methodology out of the equation. The world is extremely vast, and sometimes you’re able to reach people who, normally, wouldn’t have any interest in what you offer, but they may purchase just because they like your personality.

Character has an ethereal value that’s immeasurable. This determining factor can be the difference between making sales and someone passing through. Visuals are larger than ever now, so anywhere you can squeeze in a video–do it. Most people would rather watch someone articulate a point than read through a lengthy article.

Retrieving the correct information is a lot more reliable through text, but there are a lot of inspirational videos around that can really help you boost sales if the right bits and pieces are designed to fit your strategy.

Digital is a great way to skyrocket your brands awareness, but at the end of the day what truly matters is the physical representation of your brand. Never compromise or settle for something less than you deserve, and always follow through on the promises you make for yourself.





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