I went from a living room to living in condos,

From eating one meal to organic tacos.

Moved from the condo to a mansion, the art of expansion,

Moving swiftly, you might miss me, rapidly enhancing.

Money changes a life for the better; more accountability,

Benevolence and humility, the mechanical agility.

Thinking back when I walked throughout the city,

Every part is dirty and pretty, beautifully, witty.

Appreciative of everyone who crossed my path,

I pray they all come up fast, the speed is a blast.

Flying amongst the clouds, international destinations,

Leading a whole new generation, remarkable dedication.

Devoted and patient, my footsteps break up the pavement,

Freed from bondage and tortuous enslavement.

Living past a century, the blasian king,

Legendary author and publisher, investor, philanthropist, still wearing his ring.

Getting too far ahead, let’s rewind it back,

Young, sexy rebel on magazine covers, sharp as a tack.

Wealth is spiritual growth, appreciative connectedness to the world,

Lets stop exploiting and demeaning young women and little girls.

Loyalty is my thing, but most of you sing,

Breakdown, stress out, over a king?

Dynamics shift, this road is a gift,

Followed through with my mission–vegan intuition.

Outliving sedition, breaking in new traditions,

Words caused my enemies to run out of ammunition.

The stream of money ripples, created the waves,

Scotian Breeze is on top, light up the super silver haze.

Tore down the maze, cannot be broken apart,

Ferocious like a tiger, big balls with a lot of heart.

If the conversation doesn’t inspire or teach I won’t entertain it,

Prestigious reputation like my name derived from Cambridge.


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