Snitches tell everything to everybody, they won’t keep their mouths shut,

I’m not speaking about informing law enforcement, they all act tough.

Only positive thoughts bring results, the need to exalt,

Taking secrets to the death, they’re locked inside the vault.

I was never fearful of the streets or any of the hired assassins,

The only worry was the feds gaining information and traction.

I’ll never be locked up, but I don’t believe anyone is exempt,

Believing in everything I do and say, honoring the attempt.

If you really want to eat, you must sacrifice sleep,

The greatest creations are formed, they’re beyond deep.

Number one bestseller status won’t change my character or personality,

Failed more than most, I’m depicting the pain of my reality.

Print isn’t dead, because I’m reviving it quickly;

I used to be around a lot of people who moved shifty.

Anyone who complains hasn’t thought about the thoughts in their brain,

There’s no comparisons on this side; we aren’t the same.

Papoose of the writing world, Puff Daddy of the publishing industry,

My author’s outshine me, overshadowed by their success–readers define me.

If you aren’t obedient to the vision given, then blessings won’t arrive,

I’m a blasian legend whether dead or alive, every step I strive.

Knowledge is food, devouring concepts that defy a maze,

Bringing back the exotic strains; amnesia and super silver haze.

Without making someone else rich your wealth accumulates to nothing,

I’m direct, charming, cool, ferocious, and confident; there’s no need for bluffing.

The trenches always felt like a trapped momentum,

Changed up the velocity, created more tension.

Grew up in the country, but I’m addicted to the fast life,

Always envisioned a global perspective; traveling done right.

My hands are invested in everything, taking over various industries,

Entrepreneurial tycoon, laugh at those who act like friends to me.

I’m not competing against other brands, I’m buzzing in my own lane,

Protecting my assets, one mistake can put anyone back on the train.






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