Live On Your Own Terms

Live like everyday is your last is a quote that I find is over-saturated, but should be embraced and practiced like painting pictures or nailing down a jump shot from area code distance. It’s time for you to get off the bench, stop spectating from the sidelines–hoping, praying, and wishing that your life will change. It’s absolute insanity to continuously do the same things that won’t work for you and expect a substantive change.

There are many scam artists promoting products and services that are all based off of attaining success, and to be truthful, they are the scum of the earth.

What is everyone’s infatuation with success? Why is the thirst for success overriding the value of knowledge?

Social media is partially to blame. There are many young impressionable viewers seeing teenagers, young men and women basking in their glory by purchasing million dollar mansions, luxury vehicles, gourmet meals, and five star vacations. Not to mention: they’re surrounded by physically attractive people, which creates lust–a burning desire for what they see on their mobile phones, tablet devices, and computers.

The other side of the coin is many feel entitled to have ownership of all these materialistic things, when in reality, even the individuals who are living lavishly don’t technically have ownership. Sure, legally speaking the paperwork may be under their names; however, everything on planet earth is temporary–nothing lasts forever and you must enjoy it.

Everyone should strive for the best possible life they can envision and execute, but without understanding what success means to you, all of your efforts will be in vain. Falling into the trap of comparing yourself to others only slows you down, and this infatuation with success has facilitated this very notion.

Money used to be the root of all evil. As these modern times continue to press on, the root of all evil has been shifted into the realm of attention.

Status is associated with all of the materialistic things I’ve mentioned above, and if you’re planning on chasing after status, expect a rapid decline. The sweetness of life that you associate with status will crack and crumble like a poorly baked cookie.

Completing any vision you have, whether it’s big or small, will be difficult. Nothing easy in life holds any value. Stop vigorously investing your time in what isn’t benefiting you. The sooner you exercise self-restraint and feed your focus to complete the revelation God has bestowed upon you, the better your life will become.

Living life on your own terms is achieving the quality of being capable of experiencing everything life has to offer.

Letting silly distractions intervene and deter you from attaining the life of your dreams is a daily occurrence that can harm us all in an instant. We are bombarded with channels of information that can cause severe corruption to our sense of well-being.

Visions always have obstacles that appear to be an external presence, but in the end it’s about conquering self to progress.

One of the major keys to life is never settling for what they will give you, instead, take what rightfully belongs to you by utilizing work ethic, enthusiasm, and dedication for the greater good of the world.

Change your environment before your environment decides to change you.




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