The Real Deal

Promoting peace, the movement is unstoppable and vital,

We exterminate those who sing like a recital.

Snitching isn’t forgiven, the street code parameters,

Fresh gear and fitted, my circle is a diameter.

I’d die for all of my loyal dons, the city is in my palm,

Locked it down, I’m the boss whose stronger than king kong.

My battalion stays strapped, but the shots keep firing,

The streets keep calling my name, but hotels are hiring.

Everywhere I look the cops are trying to knock at my door,

Chasing capital, gaining momentum, hear the lions roar.

We fly the young hitters in to put in twork,

Leaving a puddle of blood floating under your shirt.

Violate this thing of ours and you’ll be sleeping with the fishes,

Unable to be found at the bottom of the Bedford Basin with your Mrs.

My right hand man is facing eight-twelve, the judicial system is foul,

Bail is $500, 000, captured the best lawyer and beat the trial.

I’m realest man in my city like A-Mafia,

We’re deep in the game, til death do us part like the opera.

The segregation ends now, this death needs to stop rippling out,

Everyday we’re cashing in, focusing on gaining more clout.

Two of my men are facing life sentences in prison,

Imagining about getting ahead, but struggling to complete the vision.

Pulling up in Rovers, Beamers, Benzes and new Audi’s,

The entire block is jealous, but won’t spoil the party.

Feeling sick to my stomach, watching good brothers fall from the summit,

They plummet and our enemies love it, these moves won’t cut it.

I’m surrounded by serious earners who won’t hesitate to bust their burners,

Young kids willing to bust for a rep, they’re fast learners.

I can’t even kick it with my dogs, the feds are aiming for a conspiracy charge,

Lost ten soldiers to homicides, and two who I wish were at large.

They say I’m a threat and want me wet and slumped in the ditch,

You won’t stop the real ones from getting filthy rich.

This is the new regime, an era for improvement,

Ski mask gang, covered in Scotian Breeze Apparel; it’s the movement.

Stressed out, losing sleep, thinking on how I can solve my problems,

All of these trifling women are cursing us by adding liquid to their cauldron.

Responsible for a team full of ruthless hustlers, pimps and killers,

Everyone knows the power of our organization; popular like Michael Jackson’s Β hit thriller.

The devil is lining up my troops, leading them into death traps,

If you’re moving funny, then you’re clown–that’s a fact.

The battle was won, but the war has just started,

Building up Nova Scotia’s hottest new artist.

Writing and publishing are the only reasons why I’m still breathing,

Walked through the hood alone during killer season.

One man army, I can turn any enemy into a believer,

I know how I.Blast felt while writing airplanes, he wasn’t so eager.

The beef will stop; we’re busy planting seeds and reaping crops,

The strip won’t ever slow down; it’s always hot.

Squaretown is the hood where me and my team are stationed,

Sincerity has been celebrated, you won’t receive any invitation.



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