The Hometown Hero

My clique makes what refugees do look like paradise,

Mentality above the average; we’re cold as ice.

Capitalism is a decision that is destined to block minorities visions,

We look at the worst part, then sink into a slump–what a collision!

Stop trying to measure the complexity because you want to get next to me,

I’m still not used to people approaching me, I apologize for your lethargy.

Everything written on the blank page is the truth–real life situations,

Keep on hating; it’s a one way ticket to hell with free admission.

There’s nothing anyone on this planet can do to stop my regime,

My whole crew is eating, our bond is above women and cream.

I’m saying less now, but I had to manifest my ideas into my enemies minds,

What I’ve done and will do is weakening their grind, shining like a new dime.

Techniques on these streets that mark my whole squad as unique,

We’re only around loyal women who are down and freaks.

I’m from the country where the spirit is tarnished and depleted,

But I arrive and provide what’s needed, you must be treated.

Greatness calls my name every second I take a breath,

I remember when all I could feel was stress from the premonition of death.

My record is clean, just look at the paperwork,

Stop being hypnotized by trashy women who twerk.

Most women can’t afford to be around me because of my expensive taste,

Some tried to set me up, attempted to leave me flat on my face.

I saw through all of the deception and created the truest inception,

One rule: stopping the king is impossible, I’m all the way up like an erection.

Death is something I’ll never fear; it’s only the beginning,

Bases are loaded, hitting the grand slam walk off in the ninth inning.

When you see me passing through Uniacke it’s only for studies,

Money, music, production whether it’s storming or sunny.

I’ve been a boss since I was young and stupid,

Any plot you set against me is absolutely useless.

We all get busy whether it’s on the block, underground or commercially,

Keep talking foolishness, there’s no way you’re capable of hurting me.



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