Life Changes

Up late in the morning breaking zips down, bagging the loud,

Dimes, thirty bags and quarters, I wasn’t proud.

Fast money on a small time scale,

I watched fiends sniff monstrous lines; Hollywood rails.

Carried a knife on the side of me, enemies tried to get high with me,

Real city is serendipitous, I see through those who lie to me.

My connect was mobbing in the streets for over a decade,

Exotic strains in abundance, even silver haze.

I fell in love with the streets, wanted to take the leap of faith,

God told me slow down, switch lanes for a better fate.

Weed connoisseur, salacious nature, the whiskey gets poured,

Completing a vision means acquiring something I couldn’t afford.

I’m good on these streets, receiving love from ruthless generals and soldiers,

Organized paper, sorted out neatly like a folder.

Dealing with triads from Hong Kong to Toronto,

The underground king, vicious like tigers, we’ll pounce pronto.

I didn’t start writing and publishing for fame or money,

All I wanted was my passion to spread a message that’s loving, morbid and funny.

Treating novel sales like making a quick dime chop,

My books will be racing each other for weeks for the number one spot.

There’s no contract that can destroy me, I’m priceless,

Scotian Dons: my team is ruthless, direct, honorable, loyal, and righteous.

Ambition and generosity go hand in hand,

The world owes you nothing, create your own demand.

All of my day ones were hating since day two, except one,

Had to find bosses who weren’t afraid to take the ball and run.

Never had to carry a strap, but knew where to get many,

Hitting rock bottom made me work ridiculously hard, I thank Vimy.

I wouldn’t hesitate to take a life if it meant mine,

My transformation into a beast is swiftly executed by my criminal mind.


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