Scotian Dons

Scotian Dons isn’t a movement or a lifestyle; it’s our essence,

Making the right decisions under the moon resembling a crescent.

I remember back when I prayed to assemble a team of official bosses,

We still gain knowledge, even when we take financial losses.

The wave we’re creating is astronomical and formidable,

Laughing at our enemies; what they do is comical.

You haven’t seen a threat this gigantic;

A promise deeper than the ocean known as the Atlantic.

Zinora and Kairell will grow up in a state of love and congruence,

Externals try to say they only turned out so great because of the affluence.

Admittedly, it helped the cause, but won’t make the man,

Squad full of underdogs who are hungry to gain the upper-hand.

Walking down the block smoothly, the stick up kids won’t move me,

They argue about who’s coming to get me like a dramatic movie.

Truthfully, you won’t rob the king, shining brighter than bling,

I’m looking down on the province; spirit taller than Yao Ming.

We run these streets, that’s just a constituted fact,

Years ahead of those who speak behind our backs.

I never had to carry a gun around with me, and didn’t have to fire,

If I ever do, I’ll train accurately, so my enemies receive what they require.

Read in-between the lines all you will envision is what’s divine,

Used to live a life of crime; murderous thoughts continuously cross my mind.

Expert with the knife, prepared to rip flesh apart, dismember your heart,

Spiritually I’m above the violence, sitting in silence in the park.

Peace and blessings is what my entire team promotes,

The entire planet sees what I’m about, staying afloat like a boat.

If there’s one certainty in life is that nothing happens before its time,

Believe in yourself, challenge your mind, fall in love with the grind.

Used to have a lot of haters, fakers, and snakes surrounding me,

One thing about suckers, is they won’t be caught astounding me.

Creating a new threshold that will go untouched–a brand you can trust,

Praying for forgiveness, my life sometimes becomes engulfed in lust.



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