Taking Over

God is the greatest plug, dirt is swept under the rug,

My team provides the electricity, connection and we always show love.

The tables can turn rapidly if you violate,

We aren’t going anywhere, always prepared to annihilate.

Contemplation on deep resuscitation of the city,

Promised our creator to always keep it gritty.

Life begins and ends during the same moments we breathe,

If you want to fulfill your dreams, you need to do more than believe.

Politicians sitting in our back pocket, the city called so we locked it,

Enemies tell us to stop it, you won’t cut into our profits.

Swifter than your smoothest expert,

Culinary genius; the vegan food has a divine taste and texture.

Our nature is impenetrable, we have people listening; completely amenable,

I can call up the recruits, whether they are soldiers or generals.

Towering over the competition, it’s part of our volition,

Some call us troublemakers, but its just peaceful sedition.

Under the scope, all we do is provide hope,

Repent before its too late; Allah provides a long rope.

I treat selling books like pushing dope,

Weed connoisseur, aiming for a position much higher than the pope.

Love is the religion that administrates my decisions,

Anything imagined is how I complete the vision.

Making moves that could be in movies,

Sometimes lust with a broad is the only thing that soothes me.

Been through way too much to turn back now,

The judicial system hands out sentences like candy, the epitome of foul.

The truth hurts, representing it to the extreme,

The only status locked in is that I’m supreme.

Securing the bag through meticulous investments,

When the rain pours, someone is going back to the essence.

Authenticity is the opposite of trickery,

Mad at me because your girl is missing me.


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