Above What You See

The only reason I have so much power is because I do me,

My life in the fast lane is like a blockbuster movie.

Naming the hotel that sells the province to the world,

Tourism rates skyrocket, boys are mad, they can’t keep their girl.

I’m the developer’s developer, making wise investments,

This is a new era, I’m responsible for giving the kingdom direction.

Snakes are rattling, I see them all moving strange,

They won’t stop me, here to make an everlasting change.

You aren’t built for the lifestyle we live,

Scotian dons, you always try to take but never want to give.

We always come in peace, so don’t try to violate,

We’ll catch you dead in your tracks trying to use the fire escape.

None of us have to lift a finger to end a life,

Instead we take the high road, our essence is too nice.

Spiritually inclined to administer a divine message,

I will be responsible for some unbelievable hit records.

These young kids show fake love, they want to rob me,

If you reach for what’s mine, they will become another missing body.

But none of the foolishness impedes my growth,

I rise above the ignorance, dispersing enormous hope.

Talking to a lot of strangers, they sense danger,

I’m known throughout the city, more colorful than powerrangers.

The meetings I’ve been having are giving me all the best information,

If you were to look inside my brain, you’d see a colonized space station.

Astronomy is something I need to learn more about,

My demeanor is always calm, you will never hear me scream and shout.

The greatest lie ever told is that skin color makes a difference,

We all bleed red and have death as an inevitable component of our existence.

When the province slows down I speed it back up,

Numerous booming businesses, only creating brands you can trust.

A man can never be a prophet in his homeland,

Excited about all of the hate, because tomorrow you become a fan.


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