The Game

Being peaceful is more difficult than regurgitating negativity,

I make it look effortless when I enter any facility.

Vicious delight, its been years since I got in a fight,

All I do is spread love and administer blinding light.

You won’t rob anyone on my team; we’ll react swiftly,

My name is in everyone’s mouth, the life I live is risky.

Getting established in the kingdom, then making international moves,

New York City, London, England, Hong Kong, I have a lot to prove.

Travelling alone, my mind is the chrome, my spirit has a lofty home,

Everything written is truthful and deep within this poem.

Bad days only defines better ones in the future,

God has my back; he’s the sharpest shooter.

The last time I was scared was inside the womb,

Once I came out bloody I saw the epitaph on my tomb.

I don’t love money, I’m addicted to the revelations provided,

Buzzing hard right now without the books released, keeping it quiet.

My profile is so low I’m under the microscope and satellites,

Going from an infested living room, to living the lavish life.

Never forget who helped you when you were down and out,

Forever thankful and kind, free of weakness without a doubt.

The city’s population will double within the next five years,

I’ll be standing tall, running multiple businesses; more loved than feared.

I receive the finest strains; always have haze on my brain,

Capitalizing off the legal world, drinking and smoking away the pain.

Call me what you will, but it won’t change my stance,

I could wear you out like bad shoes, don’t take that chance.

I’ve never been a sucker to these suckers; comical like Chris Tucker,

Planning to distribute books, apparel, lingerie, and coconut water; thankful for the truckers.

The city is on my back, the world rests on my shoulders; heart is getting colder,

Treating every day with a purpose, I’m feeling younger but getting older.

If you’re a genuine creature then I commend you,

The problem is most people are fake; food on the menu.




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