A lot of fakers tried to stop me from rising,

But when I attack you won’t expect it, find it shocking and surprising.

Nobody on this planet can trace my tracks, but God,

Made a substantive change, marketing books swifter than a lightning rod.

When you were sleeping, waiting, scheming for the next rack,

I was writing the most provocative fiction; only speaking facts.

I’m a dreamer who has visions so intimidating, you won’t see the innovation,

Higher than any space station–one love applies to every generation.

Seeing through every lie, only loyal to true family ties,

Goodbye to blood, loyalty is the only reason why.

In the bedroom I leave nothing left, the girl said I made her panties wet,

Before the salacious meet; she saw that I was a true promise and a threat.

Hard work, determination, and discipline are the principles I live by,

When the refer hits my lungs, I realize how unstoppable I am; flying so high.

There’s only one queen to the kingdom; we’re ruling the land,

Every vital piece of information is given, so we can expand.

Way past all of the physical violence because real bad men move in silence,

I listen to God and myself, I could never see myself being compliant.

They won’t finish me, the epitome of various industries,

People used to laugh; now they try to rob me of my energy.

I will travel alone across continents, make bread and inspire millions,

Underground forever, I don’t believe in shopping with civilians.

Freedom, justice, equality are just a few things my team are fighting for,

The powers that be had no choice but to to open the doors.

Nobody can duplicate my essence, the sublime eternal scroll of God’s blessings,

Living care-free, rarely stressing, learning from hardships and lessons.

Through the good and the bad, I’ll ride or die for you if your my family,

All I can do is laugh at my enemies; they can’t stand me.

Executing faster, lethal expedition, consolidating my position,

Exterminating foolish traditions, so the world stops and listens.

My skin glistens, I could make anyone go missing, they won’t be found fishing,

I’ll have you hooked on, waiting and praying just to read my terms and conditions.


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