My Muse

She has a mind that’s thinking when I’m not,

Ahead of my thoughts, she’s beyond hot.

Children need our guidance, communication is our reliance,

Reminiscing on the days when I was vicious, stubborn and defiant.

Never fearful of failing massively,

Staying inside your comfort zone is the real catastrophe.

Praying God protects me from these suckers supporting blasphemy,

Going straight to the top is my life written factually.

She always finds a solution, pushes me to breed a revolution,

Merciless with these authors, hoping the fakers receive retribution.

My genes are strong, sturdy and ferocious,

The concrete jungle is beautifully atrocious.

Designing pieces of lingerie and swimwear; 2018,

Before writing, my family made the news; fresh and clean.

The power of belief is what made my dreams clear,

She looks good from the front and the rear.

Only looking back to see how far I’ve traveled,

Authority in between the lines like a judge banging the gavel.

It took awhile to grasp my life by the balls,

Always answering the phone when the money calls.

Companies see my emails and think they can ignore me,

I broke down the doors, they were beyond sorry.

I put myself on, started making serious history,

Number one bestsellers in crime, romance, horror and mystery.

Seeking refuge in the most high, seeing through every lie,

Appreciative of everyone who crossed my path, I’ll see you die.

The only one who believed I could make it was myself,

The first check surpassed what most consider wealth.

I’m destined to run the province, its been written,

When I speak, the entire vicinity will stop and listen.

Solving problems is something I’m extremely passionate about,

Profile so low I see your route, you won’t match my clout.


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