Ups And Downs

Frustrated from the politics the industry represents,

Always have just intent; a sinful man willing to repent.

Staggering statistics don’t make a difference,

More numbers to relegate the vain of our existence.

Receiving revelations higher than the power you see,

Haters squeeze my hand tightly, they wish they could be me.

Scheming and plotting fools think about robbing me,

I jack the pot they smoke like the lottery.

My vision hasn’t been clearer; there’s no breed rarer,

Learning from your mistakes means knowing your errors.

It’s always love until you decide to violate,

We annihilate, you go missing; no need to boost the crime rate.

I eat it up like I haven’t eaten dinner for months;

She moans loudly, it echos; she loves how I stunt.

None of us are switching up, games I won’t trust,

We’re the winning team, the entire world knows about us.

Squaretown stand up, focused on getting everyone’s bands up,

Bodies at the bottom of the Bedford Basin; do you understand us?

Peace and blessings for my people,

Rooting for those who hate only surrounded by the confident and regal.

Hard days only make me want to hustle harder,

The way I get to the money, you would assume I barter.

I put my body into overdrive, feeling beyond alive,

Born to thrive; my team is needed on this earth like bee hives.

The chosen one, hot like the sun, experiencing unforgettable love,

Spent the majority of my life dead broke, stuck in the mud.

My phone rings for business, family, and queens,

Getting to it by any means; writing captivating scenes.

Make yourself hot, and boss up for the dividends,

Stay true to your divinity, there will be no equivalent.

Going straight to millions from thousands,

Knives in my back, reflecting on the actions of fake friends.


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