I slide inside and she screams, the walls shake,

Salacious movements; no lust–respect I take.

Prayed for a loyal team full of go-getters and businessmen,

Now we’re steadily elevating, setting our own trends.

Million dollar estates, luxury vehicles, international five star resorts,

Under the scope, receiving everything we need from the port.

I had gigantic dreams to run the city, and we made it happen,

When you lose your footing; we just gain more traction.

Family over fame: serious Scotian dons; millions in our palm,

Staying true to our communities; fake love received from Uncle Tom.

We don’t flex with others materials, the status held is imperial,

Making power moves, I could have you hit up while eating my cereal.

Peace and blessings is all we see; all of the haters want to be me,

But they don’t have the visions to even see–the truest G.

Fear is a non-existent emotion; my words are miracles and potions,

Rising above all of the silly, frivolous commotion.

In a few months what I’m writing will all be present,

Characters are consolidated; more colorful than a peasant.

I’m up before the sunrises just to grind harder than the day before,

Whether it’s a hoop, net or field goal, I’m determined to score.

Every time something new is received I only want more,

My hunger for success is so intimidating, you won’t see me soar.

You bring someone around; he’s not my man, I don’t consider him fam,

Even when you catch me in traffic, I’m never experiencing a jam.



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