Family Over Fame

Scotian dons; we remain calm and exterminate when war is on,

Collect bands and creep through the grip of Uncle Sam and Uncle Tom.

We kill the Illuminati, catching hard bodies like John Gotti,

The work we create is the antithesis of shoddy.

Our queens are way out of your league–untouchable giants,

Creating our own parameters, we don’t believe in being compliant.

Family Over Fame is the unstoppable dynasty that many envy,

Every individual produces a style that’s picked up as trendy.

International superstars that run the nation powerfully,

Understanding we don’t work for a rate that’s hourly.

What you make in an entire year, we clear in a fresh week,

The graveyard is the only place that’s beyond the deep.

The devil is working overtime to eradicate our blessings,
But the lessons we learn our threatening.

My writing gets the women panties drenched before I enter,

She screams and wants me stuck inside her like a splinter.

The attention we grab is always the center,

Hotter than the summer and colder than the coldest winter.

Every day someone tries to aim for our lives,

Rising above the hatred; prepared to use two knives.

Never dropping our vision on the level of the enemies,

Every time we link up it boosts our energy.

You don’t want it with us–the army, navy and coastguard,

Navigating the globe, attaining the next level is beyond hard.

Sleepless nights have become normal, dedicated to the grind,

Greatness is what you shall seek within us and find.

I have women from every ethnic group ready to freak,

But I only choose true queens who like it when I go deep.

Our parents are living lavishly, so old friends walk by casually,

Anything we imagine is created simplistically and factually.

Killing the pain with weed and liquor, becoming quicker,

Spiritually richer; strangers address me unaware of the bigger picture.




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