Family Over Fame: we’re taking over the entire game,

Music, entertainment, publishing, fashion; screw the fame.

When you were busy turning up in the club,

I was praying and working towards a golden tub.

When we put in work it overpowers what you call love,

The bond is inseparable, you couldn’t come between us like a glove.

Everyone is cut from a different cloth, displaying vivacious thoughts,

In a few a months, all of us will be on top; planting crops.

The queens in my circle are so loyal they won’t even look at you,

Explanations aren’t needed; all we do is remain true.

Old friends stabbed me in the back, now they’re copying my style,

Truthfully, they’re scared of me, the crew I roll with is wild.

When my enemies come around they’re quiet–almost silent,

They don’t want it with me, I’m a monster who can be beyond violent.

I send a message to the entire world that’s unmatched,

Catastrophic for these fake authors like a lethal car crash.

Ending careers is all I know how to accomplish; ambition is monstrous,

God has sent me to this planet so I can admonish like a comet.

Ten toes down means until death, when nothing else is left,

Zinora and Kairell will enhance my legacy with just one breath.

I’m wearing the crown, running the entire province simply,

Even your grandmother speaks highly when she mentions me.

95 percent of these people are clowns who are already buried underground,

They may walk around the town, but their soul has drowned.

Late nights writing and producing, sipping on various teas,

Eating like a king because I work like a slave, as you can see.

Prayed for years to find a team full of certified goons,

Now I have a platoon, but I won’t call them to put another in their tomb.

I’ll make room, run down on them when they least expect it,

When they’re putting the key in their lock; my spirit is intrepid.

These are all different things in life that I’m humbly blessed with,

I’ll never think I’m better than anyone else that’s why I’m so respected.


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