International Moves

Still in my province making power moves,

Business mind so precise and shrewd.

The devil is incapable of watching my moves,

I stand with God, so his spirit is what I exude.

All of the hate I receive is because of lust and greed,

If you want to get physical then I guarantee you will bleed.

But the violence is so far beneath my visions I find it funny,

A whole foods plant-based diet is sweeter than honey.

I stopped giving handouts and doing favors for the weak,

My future is so bright, so all of the haters won’t draw their heat.

Been through situations I thought I wouldn’t survive,

The colonizers conquer and divide, but unification is my stride.

Family Over Fame will enhance the local community; infinite instruments,

When I reach out to you, you are unable to measure the extent.

Everyday I rise higher and continue to graciously repent,

Shooters behind me that will bury you beneath cement.

If I can’t put in work myself then I won’t pick up the phone,

The city I live in is so crazy, but it’s a place I’ll always call home.

Never ran, never will, I’m not afraid to kill; empowered by God’s will,

I’m not seeking thrills, climbing hills; working hard to pay the bills.

Living the fast life in a slow city–becoming a mogul like Dame and Diddy,

Promised to keep it gritty, turning my back on the streets is like never being witty.

It won’t happen; propelling my squad into new dimensions of rapping,

Cunny Ross will be accepting a Grammy; the whole crowd will be standing and clapping.

These future predictions are accurately depicted; Family Over Fame is so gifted,

Every time my pen touches the blank page, I feel so lifted.

If you aren’t up on the movement, then your mind needs improvement,

Whenever we link up, the world see’s unbelievable attunement.

Beezy is the man, do you understand; every step breaks up the land,

Every breath my team gains the upper hand; getting to these bands.

2017 only means more dreams completed and every enemy becomes defeated,

Working hard on calisthenics, pumping iron; the opposite of anemic.


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