Misery needs company, but they won’t get me,

Enemies scatter and flee, the devil is their dependency.

You won’t put your hands in my pocket, trust me,

I look around and see a bunch of clowns like Krusty.

Far from the hardest, toughest, or roughest being,

Out to get this cream, by chasing my dreams.

Evil disintegrates from the goodness I administrate,

Constantly changing, ready to innovate a real estate.

Productivity is what pushes us beyond our limitations,

Always building on elevation for the future generations.

Only family around, they won’t hunt me down like a hound,

Move without a sound; silence is blissfully underground.

Writing and publishing turned my life into luxury,

Ducking the Fed’s, living sucker free.

When I move left, you think I move right,

Capturing delight, within the pain of plight.

Situations get wild at anytime–not just at night,

When I put up a fight the combinations are landed right.

Standing tall above opponents is the atonement;

Any materialistic thing you see me in, I own it.

The richness in life doesn’t have a price tag,

Even when I was broke, life wasn’t truly that bad.

People are so superficial they complain about nonsense,

Concerned about social media likes, engagement and comments.

Grinding like gears that need fixing,

Planning to travel the world with video vixens.

Business movements facilitates discipline and power,

Connected globally like the signal in cell phone towers.

Every year I become stronger and hotter;

Zinora will be a magnificent queen–a brilliant daughter.

Profile so low I’m beneath the sewers,

My verses poke through your meat like a skewer.


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