Forever fruitful; deeply rooted in faith,

Focused on passing through heavens gates.

Always understood I had an incredible fate,

Nobody can take food off my plate or ask what I make.

Taking respect that I earned from my writing prowess,

Good intentions on my mind; desecrated the malice.

Selling books like the times I bagged up dimes on the streets,

Perspective deeply unique, the world listens when I speak.

Listening and observing more than I’m talking,

Sealing up the holes to success like calking.

Used to re-up with the money I flipped from small time drugs,

Now everything is legal; solid reputation, the haters need a hug.

People I robbed walked by like they didn’t see me,

I laughed, kept it moving, you won’t play me like a CD.

Even when you think I don’t see through a lie, I see it;

Every instance doesn’t deserve a remark; what I believe I’ll be it.

Nobody used to talk about me; now all they do is create lies,

The only relationships I believe in are family ties.

We’re moving heavier than what you can imagine;

Family Over Fame times Live Gang gives women an orgasm.

Unstoppable methods; my spirit is beyond intrepid,

Bugs in the wall; the feds have most buildings infested.

Once the lights dim, the repentance for my sins allows me to win,

Setting every trend, prison is out of the question, I won’t bend.

Uplifting those who are engulfed in the darkest corridors,

Wings on my back like an angel; all I do is soar.

Converting negative energy into positive–what a blessing;

Healed my pain by writing down my deepest lessons.

Wise guy like the Sicilian mafia–every line is proper,

You won’t touch my queen; all of the evil flies off her.

Either you are on my side or showing me fake love,

I know what’s genuine, coming out clean like I jumped out of the tub.


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