Dragons, Sharks, Wolves

We’re running the runners up, building brands you can trust,

Calm, cool and collected; reality is tough.

Believing in luck is like honoring the lottery,

You won’t lure God out of me, experienced massive poverty.

The come up is majestic and respected,

Every lie told, I see through; its pinpointed, I’m protected.

Career orientated, devoted strictly to my business,

Praying for a melanin queen I can have kids with.

Shooters ready to ride for me across the nation,

But I’d rather stab them myself; death can easily be your invitation.

Studied the anatomy down to the nasal cavity,

What I plan on making in a day is what you call an annual salary.

Swimming with sharks is dangerous and vicious,

They don’t size up to me; my benevolence destroys what’s malicious.

Making memories that will last generations,

Every single day, I look towards the future; sublime litigation.

You won’t take away what I earn, every belief is firm,

My touch is deadlier than lethal germs.

Grinding like everyday is my last,

Thankful that I woke up, reflecting on my past.

I can walk anywhere I please; writing hotter than degrees,

Selfless actions are part of my world; beautiful like the seven seas.

Always showing love that’s graced from above,

Taking advantage of me is impossible–spirit whiter than a dove.

It takes a lot to impress me; her soul must be sexy,

Passed the test before you even test me.

Flying in the sky, the clouds stiffen the breeze,

All the queens I mess with are serious; they’ll never tease.

Never underestimate the power of a child,

My mentality is wild, the money will come in piles.

Taking over the publishing and fashion industry,

One of the greatest designers ever; my apparel and lingerie are the epitome.


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