Above It All

No time to entertain petty situations;

My mind is locked in on sublime innovation.

Every day somebody wants to test me and end me,

I feel like The Weeknd; people are ridiculously envious in my city.

It doesn’t matter what dirt you throw on my name, I come out clean,

Focusing on helping people build their dreams–staying on my deen.

Serious about my writing career and publishing frenzy,

The real salute, show unconditional love; respect that I’m indie.

All of my business ventures will be independent on a corporate level,

God blessed me with security, annihilating the plots of the devil.

Wishing the best for everyone on the planet; my heart is full of love,

When I’m faced with a problem, I see what’s above.

Show love, kindness, and compassion and people try to take advantage,

Your plots won’t work on me, every hit I create is always landed.

I have a ride or die chick by my side; when haters see me they try to hide,

It’s impossible to get rid of my essence like the tide.

Firmly consecrated, so my pain and troubles are alleviated,

Wasted a lot of time smoking and getting inebriated.

Now I’m only becoming smoother than what I created,

It’s a wonderful feeling to be one of the most hated.

Going harder every second, acting like each is my last,

Make a move on me and you won’t catch up, I’m beyond fast.

Stay up under any circumstances; not into giving second chances,

Owning award winning enterprises on my own, the definition of advances.

Interested in improvement and finding the spiritual cavern,

Only around bosses, the workers, you can have them.

Not even on top yet, but I’m only months away,

I exert so much light, I can ignite the sky when its grey.

When I’m next to you I’m strong like an army full of kings and queens,

There’s nobody in the universe who has the ability to weaken my regime.

Part of a divine mission that surpasses my level of understanding,

Organized occupations, I never stop praying and planning.



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