Family Over Fame is an incredible force; allowing nature to run it’s course,

Every time we fall down, we get back up on our horse.

Twy Beals and Cunny Ross are next up; the Scotian potion,

Moving steady waves in the ocean; always in motion.

The industry takeover is like Biggie and Diddy,

Beezy and Cunny run the entire city.

Only focused on publishing miracles in high demand,

I move like the breeze, you can even feel me with your toes between the sand.

Ready to snap in an instant; victory won’t be replaced,

When I leave the scene you won’t detect a trace.

We’re the next blow; selling out shows, staying on the low,

Only around real ones, exterminating all our foes.

Every author is taken out of existence when I release a book,

Death threats only means the adversary is shook.

Whole squad full of bosses; Scotian dons,

Nobody used to see us, so we put ourselves on.

Used to be on some street tactics around known names,

If I attack you won’t see it, I beat you at your own game.

I won’t stop writing until I breathe my last breath,

I won’t fear death because I’m beyond blessed.

The city is full of snakes rattling–what a mess,

Who are you trying to thoroughly impress?

God gave me a voice so smooth, you automatically lose,

Working harder every hour–what you don’t believe I’ll prove.

Business behind closed doors, building inseparable rapport,

Scheduling a lucrative book tour, striving for more.

Nobody can get in my way or tell me what to say,

I’ve always been my own man who’s on to brighter days.

Learning from mistakes are great experiences to gain,

Behind the scenes, willing to entertain.

Creating excellent pitches that blow away editors,

A hungry wolf, don’t mistake me for a callous predator.



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