Completed Missions

Going where you can’t, you won’t knock me out of my stance,

Every time I visit the bank it’s like a poetic dance.

Too many things to complete, the world is at my feet,

If you think hell is hot then you and I need to meet.

Eviscerating and decapitating all of these author’s,

Every single world I write is precise and proper.

Real men only need one queen; not an army of useless females,

The message I deliver can be felt by the blind; deeper than brail.

The pace you move at it is like a snail, stop trying to read my mail,

Getting stronger from devouring beans, sweet potatoes, brown rice and kale.

The bad guy your parents warned you about is me; all my enemies flee,

Satan might disperse a little heat, but he can’t measure my degree.

Something like Frank White when he was the king of New York,

The fed’s want me behind bars, but I ignite the flames within the torch.

Haters call my phone privately–the assassin’s assassin hire me,

They use my expertise and resources, they respect and admire me.

Pinpointing my focus more every single day I rise and grind,

Financial wizard behind the scenes; white collar crime.

Fearing death is like crying before you’re cut,

My whole squad moves in silence and remains tough.

My fists feel like steel on your face; cracking bones open,

It doesn’t matter what dirt you throw on me, I come out smoother like lotion.

Every time the devil knocks he gets locked in a deeper cavern,

More shots are served into his head like a tavern.

If the conversation won’t benefit me then I ignore it,

Roads that haven’t been touched,  I explore it.

My style is addictive and catchy like a chorus,

If I have a bottle I tell my whole squad to pour it.

Surrounded by a team full of official kings and queens,

We get what we strive for by any means.

By the time you come searching for me I’ll disappear,

Either you’re inspired or intimated by me–blessed with a vision so clear.


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