Wearing out my haters, making them defenseless,

The black neighborhoods have a lot of violence that’s senseless.

Most don’t understand the history, so they judge maniacally,

My hands aren’t out; rejuvenated from the goodness God’s supplying me.

The general of all these generals with soldiers on retainer,

Impenetrable and unstoppable–progressing faster than a personal trainer.

You rarely see me smiling in pictures–a direct head shot,

Before I verbally murder you, I see your cemetery plot.

Never been a shooter because I’d rather stab first,

Cut your body up in pieces and laugh when I’m at my worst.

Don’t bring out that side of me; it’s absolutely ruthless,

Trying to take my life is frivolous and useless.

Worshiping peace, love, light, and divine messages,

Photogenic in these pictures, the drive is consecutive.

Too real to care about what’s said on a keyboard behind a computer,

I don’t care about social media; let me become your tutor.

Literature, publishing, fashion, lingerie and production,

Within every industry, I’ll hit the number one spot, like a volcanic eruption.

Black love is what I live, but I’m a blasian legend for the kids,

My queen stands behind me strong; she’s my rib.

You mess with her, and you’ll no longer have any breath’s to give,

Snitching rubs me wrong, I’d rather do a life bid.

Food’s on the table from these words I detonate,

Cooler than water rushing down the fire escape.

Only fearful of God; never worried about what others could do,

Looking around corners, every fraudulent activity I see through.

Once bad energy comes near me, they really fear me,

I make their schemes powerless, they feel extremely weary.

Move around on a militant grind, with impeccable discipline,

Skin is glistening; soul so powerful–all the evil I’m hitting them.

Started with a bed in a living room, rented a condo then bought a mansion,

So far ahead of my time, the altitude is always advancing.


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