Awakened Phoenix

Executing moves differently, that’s my power,

Be yourself and focus solely on every hour.

Writing flames that eviscerate my competition like a dragon,

Broke down ounces into grams, used to weigh and bag ’em.

Now I moved onto publishing books and selling concepts,

Every word written is deeper than what you know as death.

Come at me and you’ll fall into a trap very quickly,

I’m a ninja, so how you move to me isn’t even shifty.

Savage when I want to inflict harm on any man,

But I’d rather rest peacefully on an exotic beach, rub my toes through the sand.

Always peaceful, but the beast can be awakened in a millisecond,

The drive of my heart is sacred like a phoenix’s essence.

Left the streets behind, the destination is a dead end with no friends,

All my squad does is set trends; there’s no way out; we won’t bend.

Live gang that’s my family, you’ll see Family Over Fame Entertainment on TV,

More envy than jealous ones; 95% of the province wants to be me.

Distributing books internationally without breaking a sweat,

Multiple warehouses for books, fashion, and lingerie; getting your girl’s so wet.

All I talk and envision are gigantic revelations and thoughts,

My soul is an impenetrable barrier; it won’t be bought.

Ready to slash apart flesh with a meat cleaver; pure decapitation,

Responsible for some of these politicians resignation.

There’s nothing anybody on the planet can do to stop our wave,

We’re so loyal to each other, the haters try to call us slaves.

Halifax is a wild, mean city but it’s slow compared to the majors,

Nationally speaking: I’m going to electrify the province like a taser.

Reviving the black community, focused on breeding power through unity,

Allergic to fake people, beginning to build up an immunity.

Investing heavily in real estate, agriculture, and renewable energy,

Independent takeover on corporate level; ruling the industry.

New York City, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo–the major cities know me,

Readership and fans in Brazil, Kenya, and Germany is what my queen told me.


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