Right Now

The people are putting me on a pedestal,

Every word crafted is rich and edible.

Have a black queen behind me, ruling the town,

She fixes my head and repairs my broken crown.

This is a wild city where the streets won’t sleep,

They’ll set you up for nothing, thinking they’ll eat.

Revelations are righteousness from the most high,

Faith rooted firmly in the ground; my squad will always rise.

Under the radar, you won’t see how we’re moving,

The books I distribute the world is consuming.

She always encourages me to work harder; my muse,

I see a lot of shady faces who are extremely confused.

The come up is so real, the revenue is coming in heavy,

There isn’t a heart I can’t steal; she’ll always let me.

My heart is heavy, enormous, and expansive,

Court cases are shoved through the system, so rancid.

This system we live on tries to lock us all up,

I’m looking down on what you see, God is who I trust.

Everyone wants to prove their tough and aggressive,

But they are the first to try and distort my message .

Never back down, surrender or settle for less than you deserve,

Used to sit back and collect money on the curb.

Glad those days are over and I’m redirecting my hustle,

This is a lucrative digital wave that only strengthens my muscles.

My people are oppressed and they need to be shown new light,

Whether I’m awake or sleeping; it’s always about fighting the good fight.

These corridors of evil try and dead me off every single day,

Resurrecting numerous spirits; the body began as dust and clay.

Always dreamed of marrying an African queen and I will make it happen,

You won’t phase me, I’m always serious even when I’m laughing.

Captain of this ship; call me the champion,

Every move and word written only means I’m advancing.







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