New Climate

Nobody can sneak dis my queen and think I don’t see it,

Thankfully, I’m a changed man as you read this.

Jealousy creeps in from enemies from dawn to dusk,

All my belief is rooted in God, the most high is who I trust.

People are so petty these days and let their ego’s ride,

Deceptive stares, because they’re possessed by pride.

People are loyal to the need of you, and barely give,

They always take to boost themselves up; how is that a way to live?

I’d never step out on my black queen, the thought doesn’t even cross my mind,

Other women might be beautiful, but they don’t transcend my time.

She wants the best for me, even when other’s think less of me,

When I’m down and out she’s the one whose steadily blessing me.

Used to be young, wild, reckless, vicious and monstrous,

It’s still within me, but I’m more focused on what I will accomplish.

Dreams won’t stop flowing like a blissful river,

Stop smiling in my face, I see your heart shiver.

Nobody is able to send my wave crashing down from the heavens,

My destiny has been written that my black queen and I will become legends.

All I have is love in my heart for humanity; not interested in vanity,

I’m so focused on one women people think I’m experiencing insanity.

I don’t wish death on any man, but may the best man win in a showdown,

Tightening up my crown, running the town, you hear the sound.

Distinguishing between those who are true in faith and those faking,

Every word is history in the making, the cake is always baking.

Even through all the treachery it becomes extinguished rapidly,

Why do you think the weak and fraudulent always laugh at me?

God told me fight for her no matter what the events bring,

You two will rise above it, so you can give her a ring.

He told me you’re a king, listen to my angels sing,

You’ll shine together, brighter than stars and bling.

Nobody will take away the love I placed between you,

Trust each other completely, the shelter is a dream too.


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