If I’m an active part of your life, I’ll always make it better,

Keep you warmer than any sweater from the harsh weather.

I’m doing way more than being known as an author and publisher,

Black excellence, strengthening my queen, I’m always loving her.

The whole world wanted to Billy to lose, but there’s no stopping me,

I know some trifling women who want to get on top of me.

I told them you can stay ten feet away; I’m on n a different a quest,

Even before writing, I always believed I was the best.

Low key mobbing for years now; just part of my nature,

The dirt is undercover–here comes a new blessing from the creator.

Truly, I’m trying to heighten her beauty; one of my responsibilities and duties,

Make outlandish statements and have those closest to me look through me.

Time will reveal what I’ve said and written is completely honest,

She has an intense need for me, got her more addicted than chronic.

New hopes and dreams are formulated everyday I rise up,

Our love for each other is impenetrable, you won’t try us.

Had to find God just to capture my queen,

Now I’m painting more descriptive themes.

Times are changing and the demons don’t like it,

Every single day they’re getting weaker, not because I write it.

Sacrifice and humility over everything is what builds stronger relationships,

I told her we’d be on top sooner than later; travelling on expensive trips.

Love is love, and most show us fake love, claiming they can breed opportunities,

Mad because I plan on consecrating and rejuvenating local communities.

If I make a promise I keep it; aware of so many dark secrets,

Zinora and Kairell deserve every opportunity I couldn’t capture,

Speaking about the next chapter of spiritual rapture.

These verses are limitless, the prose is intensely impeccable,

Strength in these words from consuming fruits, beans, and vegetables.

Outside of what jurisdiction, creating remarkable fiction,

Finalizing indecision by completing sublime visions.


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