Team Us

Hell has a price to pay, but heaven is priceless,

Every word is written for you; she believes I’m the nicest.

Too spiritual to have something empty and desolate,

You need to be genuine to be around me–a strict prerequisite.

The grind won’t stop, I’m destined to be on top,

I knew what was written in the stars from one thought.

Cheating isn’t something I believe in, so I won’t get caught,

My soul is an impenetrable tower; it won’t be bought.

The slang I use will change how you talk, you won’t complain or sulk,

I think of statements to make you smile; going in deep to change how you walk.

All this evil in the world tries to steal our attention,

We continue to stay focused on completing our visions.

God made me this fly and humble–what a blessing,

Every test given, I pass with flying colors and learn my lessons.

A whole squad full of real dogs who are incarcerated,

They are rooting for me; aware that my position is venerated.

Nerds and gangsters run the world, let’s be real,

I’m speaking facts, not just how I feel; almost got robbed on Peel.

My destiny is locked within my mind, so I manifest into reality,

Used to wake up hungover, experiencing serious morning maladies.

Now, I insert philosophical prowess in your nasal cavities,

Taking her to the top with me; we’ll be living lavishly.

Getting from the bottom to the top takes time and determination,

My innovation is what brightened up the bleak situation.

Melodies and rhythm within these words that’s unheard,

Created my own lane; why waste time following the herd?

Pretty women never impressed me or left a mark,

What’s nice to look at it can leave you lost in the dark.

The battery is charged, I possess an intense heart,

Be yourself and command respect, instead of playing a part.

Trying to start a family with you so we can shine together,

I made a promise to God that I’d be with you and make you better.




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