Chasing Dreams

Blowing author’s out of existence, loving this independence,

Every word consolidates power, you feel transcendence.

Crazy situations averted, on top with my queen; never deserted,

Refuse going back to my old ways, they won’t be reverted.

Book awards are an honor and a privilege; international scale,

Success is what’s behind my name, I won’t fail.

Eternally humble, when the waves crash I adjust my sail;

Done chasing tail, only responding to positive mail.

Beyond gracious for my black queen; she makes me better,

The way she and I grind–we change the weather.

She told me stay focused and remain intact,

When we’re on top, people will talk on the wealth amassed.

My black queen is perfect to me with her flaws and mistakes,

There’s no upgrade for me; we give each other space, the one, no debate.

God put all the right people in my life and eliminated my enemies,

Woke up drained of my energy, all I experience now is harmony and synergy.

They tried to get in our way but black love is invincible,

She’s so close to God, measuring the pulse in my ventricle.

There was never a doubt in my mind when I met her,

Knew she was destined to be my wife, tougher than leather.

God knew what he made for us, an eternal shelter,

The situation doesn’t matter, I will always help her.

Found a woman I can build more than a dream with,

If I need to shoot that means I’ll never miss.

The world is what I need to provide for her; that’s a must.

The only woman that I can fully trust; there’s no lust.

Romantic dinner dates, deep conversations under the stars,

Teaching me deeper meanings, allowing me to go far.

People act like they don’t know us because we’re so low key,

We value our privacy, so the general public let’s us be.

Multi-million dollar companies in every passion pursued,

Every entrepreneurial endeavor leaves all of my foes subdued.


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