She wants the best for me, she understands my story,

Progression is always in session; when I’m mistaken, I say sorry.

Pictures painted like Kandinsky and Van Gogh,

Starry nights are coming soon; behind the scene’s, no show.

In the beginning we couldn’t resist each other,

Abstained from temptation, our relationship only became stronger and better.

No man can take her from me, I told her she’s stuck with me,

She smiled politely, knew there’s no man quite like me.

Expensive vacations in every continent, the rewards of confidence,

God first; always willing to listen to his beneficent admonishments.

She had me when nobody else did, struggling just to live,

Freelance writing funded my startup, rented out a condo; my financial rib.

She believes in all of my dreams and goals, she won’t fold,

The top is where I’m taking her, she won’t be out in the cold.

Made an oath to make writing and publishing bring me millions,

Refuse to fall for industry trickery, plan on dying with billions.

She won’t play games, invested in heavenly outlets like rain,

Been through so much pain, had no money riding on the train.

Responsible for my own path; visions are outrageous,

Positive energy is contagious, born to be a star like David.

Writing provocative fiction with flawless diction,

The depiction goes against literary traditions.

Never cared about social media, around more information than Wikipedia,

The trips I plan are swifter and more luxurious than Expedia.

Intertwined with the times, the occupation is defined,

Much larger than what is envisioned in my mind.

She wanted to shed tears for me, I told her don’t cry,

Always truthful with her, I won’t lie or say goodbye.

Committed to the cause, determined to beat all of the odds,

Came into this world fighting for my life; still alive thanks to God.

Peaceful, comfortable, cool, collected and eternally respected,

I don’t have any weaknesses, respecting the perspectives perspective.


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