Praying for all of the real ones locked behind bars,

Some are in for life, others are locked for decades, I’m blessed to be on Mars.

Connected on the streets and in the business world, you bet,

People see me as a threat but fail to plan my death.

Here for longer than you can even imagine,

Deeper than any caverns, beyond what you even fathom.

Have soldiers behind me who will stab you into pieces,

Cuts inserted the deepest; speaking on a street thesis.

Disrespect me and I attack until you catch amnesia,

Avoid me on these streets because you aren’t a believer.

Staring in the eyes of all these soft cupcakes,

A platoon who acts like brothers, behind each other in tough states.

The feds won’t approach us, they are afraid and petrified,

I’ll freeze you up in your tracks with just one stride.

You won’t play with our money because you’ll go more than bankrupt,

You my think your rough, but I see you’re masquerading as tough.

I know some savages who would murder just for fun,

They won’t think twice about it, lay low, and stay on the run.

Explaining the environments I’ve been through;

Speaking on the evil that some real men do.

Always see the brighter picture of these darkest sides,

When I rise I know miracles are about to happen; no lies.

Guns aren’t busting like they used to be, so the choice is the knife,

I’ll never lie about my past is what I tell my future wife.

She knows I’m going where others won’t and she’s coming with me,

Expensive taste that’s acquired silently and thrifty.

Using the same hustle for drugs with books, got you hooked,

The ground shook, millions of copies sold digitally; electrified books.

Speaking on future events that are so far behind me,

People who are loyal to the need of you are grimy.

Working harder than all author’s; writing even when I’m not,

I could school their anthologies with only one thought.


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