We Are The Future

My African queen is the only reason I’m rising straight to the top;

She has impeccable style, executing more than my thoughts.

Souls won’t be bought, every dream is sought after,

Health, happiness, joy, blessings and laughter.

Multi-million dollar companies in multiple industries;

Publishing, fashion, lingerie, coconut water–unstoppable energy.

Startup and business coaching on a supremely professional level,

Seeing through all the deception, I don’t believe in the devil.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, along side Family Over Fame,

This game can make you insane, but instead I push harder and train.

The iron is pumped, but the calisthenics are loved much more,

Following a serious fitness regime that could be sold in stores.

The truth hurts, so I damage my enemies until their in the dirt,

Mad at me because I realize the priceless strategy; know your worth.

The past marked being small-time in the streets around some dangerous men,

They were setting trends, making dollars ruthlessly to no end.

Once they close the doors on me, I open up those that were never touched,

Perfection is only created when there’s no rush.

The past won’t move a boss; we don’t dwell on what we lost,

Dreaming of things that exceed what the last venture costs.

Consequences behind actions that could elevate or consume me,

Used to be surrounded by snakes who planned on ruining me.

Any plot against me only worsens your life during the process,

Running the province, I command who gets elected in office.

Hiding in plain sight, most people think I’m a painstaking entrepreneur,

Truthfully: the meetings that I conduct underground are always sure.

Speaking on the positions I will hold gracefully in the future,

Love when haters assassinate my character; they are the weakest shooters.

These dreams are dedicated to the children who aren’t eating daily,

To all my genuine men and women locked up who can see clearly.

The written word is a covenant that I’ll always hold dearly,

Triads are my brothers, so law enforcement fears me.


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