Meet up with me and speak about legendary visions,

If not, you’re family whom I cherish that influence my decisions.

If you owe me money then I’ll get double back,

What you strive so hard for, I don’t lack.

The bottom was full of pain, despair, adversity and treachery,

The top is peaceful, serene and excruciating, only genuine souls get the best of me.

Saw the shooter’s on the roof aiming for my cranium,

But bullets go around me; my brother for life is taming them.

Been through a lot, just like everyone else,

The difference is that I’ve learned from my mistakes, destined for wealth.

Found the queen of my dreams and settled down,

Whenever anyone or anything tried to intervene; she straightened my crown.

Lowest profile in the entire nation, controlling the development,

Investing heavy in real estate, liquid assets aren’t out of my element.

Been international way before this writing frenzy,

The love I have for others only brings me more envy.

Hatred isn’t a character trait that’s within me,

People act like acting off their emotions is trendy.

Have a heart and use the greatest weapon known as love,

Clean fashion sense, smooth looks even when I arise from mud.

Richer than any item money can buy, never believing lies,

Solely becoming stronger off generating better family ties.

The only objective is a literary directive that’s respected,

Focused on growing exponentially, locked in on time, very selective.

The brain needs to be entertained like the earth needs cold rain,

Scotian Breeze holds infinite power allied with Family Over Fame.

My African queen is coming with me, everything I buy her is tasty; nothing thrifty,

Even when she’s around my aura; she’ll miss me.

The affection has its up and downs, every argument finds a solution,

Aiming for higher targets, refined the art of execution.

She’s the only one for me, I knew it since the night I met her,

Every single breath she understands how to make me better.


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