Only You

When we enter the room together people get jealous,

They try to break us up, but there’s nothing they can tell us.

I knew since the first day I met you that you were beyond special,

She arouses my interest, and I’m not talking about anything sexual.

We’re going to the top, and we aren’t looking down,

The silence of our footsteps won’t make a sound.

God ordained us to thrive, live lavishly, not just survive,

Always ready to ride; we don’t let ego’s heighten our pride.

Losing is something we experience, but learn from,

The marathon we’re living is the longest run.

Photos shoots all around the world, shaking every continent,

Never been too confident, value every accomplishment.

Life isn’t about the accolades or expensive luxuries,

Your spirit is anointed, you live peaceful and voluptuously.

Vivacious demeanor, working you out hard to get stronger and leaner,

When I’m near you, I make you smarter and cleaner.

Lying to you is against my religion, your presence gives me smooth visions,

The precision is a prophetic incision; we have gracefully risen.

Love and forgiveness is what makes us uncontrollably happy,

Never cared about what happens on social media; she gets at me.

Held me down when I lived in a living room, dead broke,

You pushed me higher than what I saw with profound hope.

You’re the one I dreamed about at the tender age of ten,

You always want me to win and repent for my grimy sins.

If we weren’t together, we were on the phone, made any spot our home,

The heart doesn’t lie, just absorb the energy in this poem.

Praying for those who are homeless and incarcerated,

Love the fact that I’m the most hated; my character gets degraded.

Without you: I wouldn’t be the man I needed to become,

The transformation showed me that God loves me a ton.

All of you suckers get gassed and depleted when you come around,

I could hunt any of you fools down like a sleuthing hound.


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