Astonished by how God admonishes me, daily,

He said obey my orders and the path I lead will never fail me.

Fornication almost destroyed what’s consecrated and pure,

My African queen rising to the top with me is sure.

Nobody can stop us from staying together; speaking the truth,

She’s a rising star, pious, brilliant and beyond couth.

The power and refinement of my soul, standing out in any group,

Direct aim on the target when we get up and shoot.

She’s worth more than what any dollar could amount to,

Supports me under any circumstance; our bond is true.

She deserves the world and I will give it to her,

My muse and motivation; getting through any event that occurs.

Excellent literature is a gift that descends from the heaven skies,

The ground we move on is above what you see, like we can fly.

I’m just sharing parts of my life with you that have meaning,

Emptiness isn’t part of my life, understanding the gifts I’m receiving.

The devil knocks on the door and I demolish him into nothing,

Why would I believe in an entity that’s content on bluffing?

She provides power with every step I take; refreshing like a lake,

If you won’t give it to me, then I’ll gladly take.

Money without respect and humility is absolutely pointless,

The key to life is always push for a position that’s anointed.

There’s something about her dignity that speaks to me devoutly,

You’re lying if you speak about me and know nothing about me.

She’s all about doing things on her own, keen on her independence,

Every blessing bestowed upon her from the most high makes her transcendent.

When a woman doesn’t need my help that’s what I call sexy,

Waking up in the morning, thankful for how the creator blessed me.

She wears the crown neatly on her head with charm and grace,

I plan on spoiling her rotten to redefine the sense of expensive taste.

She loves my romanticism and knows it will only become enhanced,

If you think you can come between us, the reality is you don’t have a chance.


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