I told her I’m taking you around the world when I make it,

Everything imagined is vivid, so I will create it.

Never cared about what others thought, knew they would hate it,

All of the respect that’s deserving, I will take it.

Turning words into millions, showing the world beauty,

Anything I write is a vow to God that’s expressed truly.

Standing behind her no matter what tomorrow might bring,

Transforming her into a sublime queen, because I’m a king.

Our fate has been written in the stars before we even met,

Promises won’t be broken; we’re a true threat.

Reminiscing on times when I used to be smoked out at night,

My days were numbered, had to turn all my wrongs into what’s right.

Bloodshed won’t propel us further young brothers, we must unify,

There’s serious strength in numbers, this won’t be denied.

Hustling harder than the next man; supernatural like x-men,

My mission is to always win; no friends over here, only kin.

Vowed I protect her from all the evils of this world,

Show her what’s she’s truly worth, beyond diamonds and pearls.

We learned from our mistakes, tears were shed,

Now our souls elevate higher, spirits well fed.

Reconstructing humanity, strengthening a complex puzzle,

My greatest motivator when we speak deeply and cuddle.

Separation empowered our affection, the truest resurrection,

Built a deeper connection sweeter than any confection.

Signing a lucrative distribution deal, negotiating the best consignments,

When my mind is active on the blank page it defines refinement.

I’m here to murder all of these author’s ruthlessly,

The takeover of the publishing industry, so they think about uprooting me.

Evading prison from boss decisions, harnessing precise visions,

Peaceful is the only way I’m living that’s a given.

Encouraging you to extract your spirit, the art of survival,

If you need inspiration, my words provide the ultimate revival.


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