Just Intentions

I’ll always have your back, we won’t ever crack,

Sticking to straight facts, you’re my future; let’s draw the map.

Raise your hand high, hold it up with pure confidence,

Never let anyone define the value of your accomplishments.

Made promises that won’t be broken, your words are thought provoking,

I’m going to buy us an immaculate mansion, here’s hoping.

Late night walks laughing with the heavens, unforgettable moments,

No caricatures on this side, but our souls always need atonement.

Extend your light into the world, darkness never lasts,

Be thankful for every opportunity, don’t focus on the past.

Distance only made our hearts fonder, the bond grew stronger,

Peaceful disposition, my mind only becomes calmer.

Laws and policies are instated in this wicked system,

Who you see speaking are puppets, fulfilling an evil tradition.

The Illuminati distracts you from what really matters,

Recommends you focus on gossip and get lost in chatter.

Spending patterns help the economy grow astronomically,

Invest in yourself, restructure your focus with a lobotomy.

This new digital era is full of deception and conjecture,

Once my pen touches the blank page, you won’t withstand the pressure.

Overcoming every obstacle thrown in my path,

Dangerous goons behind me who will leave you stinking in the trash.

God keeps my spirit secure, moving so fast you think I’m a blur,

Only investing in idea’s that are positive and sure.

Solitude brings my deepest thoughts into existence,

The top is reached by consistent concentration and persistence.

Decided writing and publishing will feed my family massively,

My marketing genius is demonstrated fantastically.

Most people say they believe in God and positive vibes,

Sound wise, but the look in their eyes tells me they’re living a lie.

True knowledge builds future generations up to a higher pedestal,

Providing you food for thought, every word is rich and edible.


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