God Speed

Quit blowing trees for life, only focused on stacking paper,

Spiritual growth is the accelerator to acquiring more haters.

Treasure Words Publishing will take over the entire industry,

Sincerity in every book released, always keeping it a century.

Travelling to the future every single day, appreciating the present,

The pictures are painted so vividly; more colorful than a pheasant.

Scotian Breeze Apparel will capture multi-million’s effortlessly,

Never worried about the legal hustle stressing me.

Health and nutrition is a lifestyle I take very seriously,

Chinese restaurants on each coast, but you still aren’t hearing me.

Luscious Secrets Lingerie & Swimwear will dilute my success prior to its release,

The ladies will be wearing my swimwear tanning on the beach.

Everything is done independently on a corporate level,

I’m a child of God who constantly destroys the devil.

She’s got me regardless of the situation–a pious queen,

What you decide to see and think of us isn’t what it seems.

Mostly with her, if not then I’m usually basking in solitude,

Astute businessman, the visions I have are swift and shrewd.

My words pierce your brain and become ingrained in your skull,

It doesn’t matter what is thrown at me, I will always stand tall.

Social media is a direct to consumer business tool that I utilize,

Only concentrated on what inspires me, so I can consistently rise.

Only creating original content that corners the marketplace,

You may have nice style, but it doesn’t add up to my taste.

Manufacturing clothes in multiple nations, filling orders,

Worldwide G pass, I’m allowed to cross any border.

Invested in my publishing company from writing enthralling articles,

The sentences and paragraphs were regarded as God’s particles.

The only difference between me and the next person is our decisions,

Thankful and gracious for the talents I have that are God given.

Love when people laugh at me, exposing their insecurities,

Everything I believe comes into fruition, obstacles don’t worry me.


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