Our Essence

Loving her imperfections, she has me addicted,

Life is about living truly, whatever I say isn’t scripted.

Working hard to give her the entire world on a gold platter,

My success is imminent, but at the end of the day family matters.

Around when I had nothing to my name, only loyalty and dignity,

She knew I represented who I needed to become to the epitome.

Independence is the only route to transcendence,

Colorful personality, like the smoothies I drink–strictly blended.

Refuse to settle for less than what I grind for,

Starting up a business with no capital is the only way to open doors.

Under pressure even when I apply it; my books you will buy it,

I’m a monster in the publishing industry; call me a tyrant.

Stomping out dreams hasn’t ever been my prerogative,

Still broke, but the millions are coming; completely on top of it.

It doesn’t matter how rough the situation is I’ll survive it,

Retrieving sunken treasure across the land like a pirate.

Being an effective leader is inspiring others to lead,

Nothing separates us because we all bleed.

Exhausted while writing this poem, feeling gassed out,

Always on the attack, earning my clout.

Focused on creating the best novels of all time,

The prose is hypnotizing, it captivates your mind.

The system didn’t want me to win, but my squad is taking over,

Materialism isn’t the right route, so my personality gets bolder.

The odds are stacked against me, won’t be locked in the penitentiary,

Trying my best to be here for another century.

Implementing the smoothest strategies, building with my African Queen,

She brings out the best in me and believes in every one of my dreams.

Larger visions, smaller circle, the vibes are only getting better,

Knew she would be all mine the moment I met her.

Our souls connect like the stars illuminating the night sky,

Once I’m on top I will make sure she’s crazy fly.



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