Enthusiastic, the growth is rapid, moves are drastic,

My style is fantastic, the code I cracked it.

Residuals are critical, produce the reciprocal,

Increasing my wealth, the imagination is biblical.

Logically only creating unprecedented commodities,

Done with poverty, poetic anthologies of anthropology.

Absorb my philosophy, the future isn’t shocking me,

Levitating above mediocrity, there’s nobody stopping me.

Exposing all of the propaganda, I’m the top commander,

The overlord of the publishing industry, I have the answer.

Stopped being overlooked, every date is booked,

Kill what you eat before its cooked.

Serving a purpose, these words have a sovereign hand,

Imperialism made foul commands, time to take back our land.

Prophetic revelations strengthen relations, destroying segregation,

Running the smoothest operation, the objective is to take over the nation.

Get tested, become respected and you’re well rested,

Truly motivated when I was rejected, my assets are protected.

Kindred spirits encapsulate a brighter tomorrow, trampling down sorrow,

Moving around honorably, raised with morals.

People only speaking about the past don’t belong in my future,

The worst case scenario, I’ll be the stabber or the shooter.

Enthusiasm is what I exude, locked in on what’s true,

Love is what helps you invest in the grimiest crew.

Everyone has a story to tell so make it captivating,

Enemies smile in my face, shake my hand, never stopping what I’m creating.

Going harder every second, becoming closer to God,

It doesn’t matter how real I am, I’ll still be called a fraud.

Embrace the breeze; the Scotian essence leaves everyone appeased,

Everything I create is luxurious quality; professionalism develops intrigue.

Love is faith, supplication and the ability that guides me,

Focused on constant elevation, the movement is lively.

Her spirit becomes mine, flows smoothly inside me,

Her heavenly laugh is what truly defines me.

The unexpected is what you should expect frequently,

Privacy means the world to me, moving around secretly.


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