Brand Identity

Every brand has an identity, some stand out more than others, and I will explain why.

The logo is only regarded as the skin of your brand. What truly defines brand identity is the slogan that explains the essence of your brand.

Nike has a slogan that isn’t only known globally, but it’s a catchy phrase anyone can apply to their life: “Just Do It”.

Elegance is the backbone of a slogan.

Enrapture the consumer with words they can either relate to or apply. Anything that causes them to take action.

The most successful slogans are ones that embrace change, since change is our only constant in life.

Those who know you will purchase a product or service because they like you. But what will you do with those consumers who know nothing about?

How do you reel them in to become existing customers?

The answer isn’t as simplistic as it sounds: create an identity that builds an infrastructure for a solidified action that will change the consumers lifestyle in a positive manner.

The first sentence of your about page must be engaging. This is the only opportunity you conceive to turn a person into an existing customer.

Every word after the first sentence must build upon the entity you have created.

Show the consumer what sets you apart from other brands in your niche. Give them a definitive “why” they should invest their time and money with you, as opposed to another brand.

Creative copy can easily be the death of your brand. Write something that a seven year old could easily comprehend.

Allow someone who knows nothing about your brand, to enter into a world they feel like they are welcomed in, and can express themselves freely.

Brand identity is what leads to purchases and referral marketing, which is the most effective form of marketing on the planet.




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