Dominating The Game

Treasure Words Publishing is my first company of many ventures,

Independence gives me a hunger for more–a light thirst quencher.

Scotian Breeze is the movement, taking over the world by storm,

Every time I become scorching hot, haters claim I’m barely warm.

Found my soul mate; we understand each other comfortably and feel secure,

Felt like I knew her my entire life when we first met; I was absolutely sure.

Luscious Secrets Lingerie & Swimwear will lose money for years before reaching success,

Supply and demand are the keys that cause immense pain and stress.

Love the darkest hours when creating a new business model,

Investing with my own bread, so the world constantly follows.

Love for true queens, they’re more valuable than any materialistic object,

Prophetic tendencies within my writing, these things haven’t happened yet.

Rock bottom strengthened my character and empowered the depths of my soul,

Planting seeds in the dirt, digging through to the surface like a mole.

Signing a distribution deal for books that will make history,

Mysteriously captivated within the enigma of God’s greatest mystery.

Prayer is more powerful than our minds can even being to comprehend,

Creating and producing what’s heavenly, never following trends.

Reading through wicked manuscripts, difficult to find some nourishment,

Listening closely to the Lord’s admonishment, wrapped up in astonishment.

Dancing to the bank early in the morning, watching the sun rise gracefully,

Dropped out of school, so I could pay for my bachelor’s degree.

Only focused on what’s economically sound, wearing a blinding crown,

Smiling during the roughest times, there’s no time to frown.

Always writing another number one bestseller, the pen is in motion,

The False Reality of Martin and Ladies Prism will change the waves in the ocean.

Nothing will sell as successfully as my first two novels, always going worldwide,

Focused on benevolence and humility, I won’t be taken over by ego and pride.

My Nubian Queen always tells me what I need to hear, so I listen closely,

She knows more than any other human being knows about me.

Beyond humbled and gracious for her presence in my life,

I’m praying that one day I will make her a happy wife.

Nubian Queen

Love when people stare at us and see the holy spirit extracted,

The feeling that consumes me is a loving magic.

I’m the one you need, the dream you’ve been dreaming of,

Blessed that God answered my prayers; devotion to what’s above.

Angels surround our presence every time we make a move,

Invested in each other’s well being, there’s nothing to prove.

Our first kiss ignited my soul, inspired me to be a better man for you,

You stole my heart at an instant, overcoming situations when we quarrel.

Other men couldn’t bring out the legendary attributes within your essence,

I’m the chosen one; never been innocent, all of my sins I’m confessing.

Praying that it’s you and me until the end of time; working to make it happen,

When the devil tries to intervene, I beat him senseless in the finest fashion.

You’re my future, the light within the truthful words I create,

Looking forward to hitting new milestones together, so we can celebrate.

My heart has never been so whole, the wisdom you teach me is more valuable than gold,

Two souls that will eventually become one–a priceless artifact that won’t be sold.

My Nubian Queen whose determination is focused on moving mountains,

The way you work so hard is uniquely outstanding.

There’s always room for you in my life, the space is infinite,

Architects constructing God’s kingdom is the quintessence of apprenticeship.

There’s no obstacle that’s insurmountable, we will always overcome,

The connection between our souls won’t burn out like the sun.

Sticking to ourselves, always minding our business quietly,

Strengthening the foundation, elevating the construct of society.

Respect propels us further than you can envision; spiritual decisions,

Activating the keys to heaven is execution of a solidified vision.

You’re so far above average it transcends the waves of time,

Addicted to the grind, so no matter what comes at us we’ll be fine.

Brought my soul into an entirely new world of peace and prosperity,

Ensured that everything I’m working towards has sublime clarity.

Every day brings us closer to God and each other through His grace,

Future brighter than what we’re able to see; God speed is our pace.


Go Hard

Keep your mind moving, focus on improving,

These words written are peaceful and soothing.

Addicted to the grind, never content with a salary,

A real entrepreneur, focused on helping others live lavishly.

Jobs won’t entice me, build your own empire,

Women love the boss, my drive always inspires.

Life is a gift, especially when people switch up,

Loyalty is eternal, and patience is a plus.

The more difficult the obstacles, the greater the rewards,

Never live beyond your means, purchase what you can afford.

Determined and devoted, allowing God to capture my heart,

Openly accepting the holy spirit, wisdom is what I impart.

Swelling tides only define deeper strides and faster rides,

Looking out for others, hustling in the shadows, there’s no need to hide.

Dream chasing is what I live for, the grandeur hustle,

Passionate about dark chocolate, my African Queen is sweeter than truffles.

Backing down from a challenge isn’t something I accept,

Promised myself that I’d die without having any regrets.

Flying into another state of consciousness, you might miss me,

Gallivanting around the globe like the holy spirit, every transaction is risky.

Every day means a new opportunity to pursue greatness,

Don’t deceive yourself; victory is never tasteless.

Exotic vacations derive from a devoted vocation,

Turn your hobby into a job, thrive off sublime innovation.

Building your own career means financing the vision yourself,

Never turn down a sincere individual who is willing to help.

Every hour, I’m focused on elevation of a deeper spirit,

Stop running through the same actions, repeating yourself like a parrot.

Pray, be strategic and prepare to win fantastically,

Thinking and execution are two separate entities; avoid falling tragically.

Graceful moves are the motives needed to enter the next chapter,

Fill your life with compassion, peace, joy, happiness, and continuous laughter.

Every day you live is completely different so be incredibly thankful,

You can’t deposit your life in the bank, but it can be cancelled.

Prove the world wrong every time you’re given an opportunity,

If your words don’t match your actions, you aren’t living congruently.

Used to be so stubborn, people couldn’t get through to me,

Now all I do is listen closely, vigilant and cautious, always doing me.

Gaining a greater understanding is giving me better resources,

Letting purity descend down naturally, I would never force it.


You’re my destiny, constantly blessing me, even stressing me,

Smile every time you’re texting me; pure, nothing expressed sexually.

There’s never any restrictions, we’re always receiving benedictions,

Our relationship is honorable and truthful, there’s no fiction.

Apologizing for my short-temper, need to become more centered,

Our passion is hotter than summer, en-lodged within us like a splinter.

The soulful connection is too powerful to give up, it must be nurtured,

The wave we’re riding on is smoother than any surfer.

Never had any doubts or reservations, belief embedded in consecration,

Only keen on building on elevation, eradicating every element of degradation.

You know how far I’ve come just to be part of your presence,

Unbelievably gracious and committed to your essence.

I need you close to me when the darkness descends,

God has chosen you for me, so there won’t be an end.

Concentrated on producing our own trends for the holy spirit,

Visions are becoming clearer, and you need to hear it.

I could never turn my back on you, I’m too loyal,

Striving to create a family with you that’s royal.

Even when the water became deeper you wouldn’t let me drown,

Every single time I fell off, you straightened my crown.

You’re one of my biggest dreams, and I will make you come true,

You light up my world, like the sky is blue.

Throughout all of the ups and the downs I believed in us,

Out of all the people in the world, I’m the one you will trust.

You exceed special, out of this world like extraterrestrial,

Times are coming to celebrate, organizing our own festival.

Whenever I thought you pushed me away, we only became closer,

You’re stuck by my side, like I carry a holster.

My African Queen: you’re the one who is meant for me,

A priceless gift from above with no finders fee.

There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for you to make you better,

We won’t stop carrying on like the weather.


That’s Us

Attacking the blank page, watching these words turn into a fortune,

You won’t apply pressure on me, there’s no room for extortion.

My paradise is the heavenly light I see planted in your eyes,

The seed blooms a fruitful crop; all logic it defies.

You asked me if I’m in love with you and I told you not yet,

You make me smile unbelievably, and know I’m up next.

Imprisoned by your tender affection, it gives me direction,

God has blessed our relationship to become holy, the resurrection.

Going silent on me is an impossible action, plan on buying you the finest fashion,

We remain on the same wavelength, the beats of our hearts are matching.

Ensuring you have an intense need for me, ready to brighten up your days,

Every time we make a move together it’s a power play.

She is my destiny, without her my future wouldn’t be so bright,

When you have something you believe in, you must continue to fight.

My dreams are full of happiness, harmony, peace and unity,

Giving back to single mothers, and children within various communities.

Late at night my thoughts consume my entire being; sleep becomes non-existent,

Success means having no measurement of drive and persistence.

Treasure Words Publishing will have numerous number one best-sellers,

Not afraid to face the truth; courageous actions, so I will always tell her.

My African Queen recognizes that she’s all mine; our bond is unbreakable and divine,

Every time I fall down she picks me up and we elevate much higher to shine.

Always been a king, but you haven’t seen the physical manifestation,

The province comes first, then we’re taking over the entire nation.

Facts are the only words written; when she’s around me she’s smitten.

There’s no second chances with me once you blew the first,

Loyalty is everything, life is a gamble so roll the dice.

Compelling stories that excite all five senses; word addictions,

The breathtaking components of remarkable fiction.

The message that’s being delivered is deeper than the Grand Canyon,

The purpose is to eradicate harmful addictions and lead the world out of famine.

Our Essence

Loving her imperfections, she has me addicted,

Life is about living truly, whatever I say isn’t scripted.

Working hard to give her the entire world on a gold platter,

My success is imminent, but at the end of the day family matters.

Around when I had nothing to my name, only loyalty and dignity,

She knew I represented who I needed to become to the epitome.

Independence is the only route to transcendence,

Colorful personality, like the smoothies I drink–strictly blended.

Refuse to settle for less than what I grind for,

Starting up a business with no capital is the only way to open doors.

Under pressure even when I apply it; my books you will buy it,

I’m a monster in the publishing industry; call me a tyrant.

Stomping out dreams hasn’t ever been my prerogative,

Still broke, but the millions are coming; completely on top of it.

It doesn’t matter how rough the situation is I’ll survive it,

Retrieving sunken treasure across the land like a pirate.

Being an effective leader is inspiring others to lead,

Nothing separates us because we all bleed.

Exhausted while writing this poem, feeling gassed out,

Always on the attack, earning my clout.

Focused on creating the best novels of all time,

The prose is hypnotizing, it captivates your mind.

The system didn’t want me to win, but my squad is taking over,

Materialism isn’t the right route, so my personality gets bolder.

The odds are stacked against me, won’t be locked in the penitentiary,

Trying my best to be here for another century.

Implementing the smoothest strategies, building with my African Queen,

She brings out the best in me and believes in every one of my dreams.

Larger visions, smaller circle, the vibes are only getting better,

Knew she would be all mine the moment I met her.

Our souls connect like the stars illuminating the night sky,

Once I’m on top I will make sure she’s crazy fly.


God Speed

Quit blowing trees for life, only focused on stacking paper,

Spiritual growth is the accelerator to acquiring more haters.

Treasure Words Publishing will take over the entire industry,

Sincerity in every book released, always keeping it a century.

Travelling to the future every single day, appreciating the present,

The pictures are painted so vividly; more colorful than a pheasant.

Scotian Breeze Apparel will capture multi-million’s effortlessly,

Never worried about the legal hustle stressing me.

Health and nutrition is a lifestyle I take very seriously,

Chinese restaurants on each coast, but you still aren’t hearing me.

Luscious Secrets Lingerie & Swimwear will dilute my success prior to its release,

The ladies will be wearing my swimwear tanning on the beach.

Everything is done independently on a corporate level,

I’m a child of God who constantly destroys the devil.

She’s got me regardless of the situation–a pious queen,

What you decide to see and think of us isn’t what it seems.

Mostly with her, if not then I’m usually basking in solitude,

Astute businessman, the visions I have are swift and shrewd.

My words pierce your brain and become ingrained in your skull,

It doesn’t matter what is thrown at me, I will always stand tall.

Social media is a direct to consumer business tool that I utilize,

Only concentrated on what inspires me, so I can consistently rise.

Only creating original content that corners the marketplace,

You may have nice style, but it doesn’t add up to my taste.

Manufacturing clothes in multiple nations, filling orders,

Worldwide G pass, I’m allowed to cross any border.

Invested in my publishing company from writing enthralling articles,

The sentences and paragraphs were regarded as God’s particles.

The only difference between me and the next person is our decisions,

Thankful and gracious for the talents I have that are God given.

Love when people laugh at me, exposing their insecurities,

Everything I believe comes into fruition, obstacles don’t worry me.

Just Intentions

I’ll always have your back, we won’t ever crack,

Sticking to straight facts, you’re my future; let’s draw the map.

Raise your hand high, hold it up with pure confidence,

Never let anyone define the value of your accomplishments.

Made promises that won’t be broken, your words are thought provoking,

I’m going to buy us an immaculate mansion, here’s hoping.

Late night walks laughing with the heavens, unforgettable moments,

No caricatures on this side, but our souls always need atonement.

Extend your light into the world, darkness never lasts,

Be thankful for every opportunity, don’t focus on the past.

Distance only made our hearts fonder, the bond grew stronger,

Peaceful disposition, my mind only becomes calmer.

Laws and policies are instated in this wicked system,

Who you see speaking are puppets, fulfilling an evil tradition.

The Illuminati distracts you from what really matters,

Recommends you focus on gossip and get lost in chatter.

Spending patterns help the economy grow astronomically,

Invest in yourself, restructure your focus with a lobotomy.

This new digital era is full of deception and conjecture,

Once my pen touches the blank page, you won’t withstand the pressure.

Overcoming every obstacle thrown in my path,

Dangerous goons behind me who will leave you stinking in the trash.

God keeps my spirit secure, moving so fast you think I’m a blur,

Only investing in idea’s that are positive and sure.

Solitude brings my deepest thoughts into existence,

The top is reached by consistent concentration and persistence.

Decided writing and publishing will feed my family massively,

My marketing genius is demonstrated fantastically.

Most people say they believe in God and positive vibes,

Sound wise, but the look in their eyes tells me they’re living a lie.

True knowledge builds future generations up to a higher pedestal,

Providing you food for thought, every word is rich and edible.


I told her I’m taking you around the world when I make it,

Everything imagined is vivid, so I will create it.

Never cared about what others thought, knew they would hate it,

All of the respect that’s deserving, I will take it.

Turning words into millions, showing the world beauty,

Anything I write is a vow to God that’s expressed truly.

Standing behind her no matter what tomorrow might bring,

Transforming her into a sublime queen, because I’m a king.

Our fate has been written in the stars before we even met,

Promises won’t be broken; we’re a true threat.

Reminiscing on times when I used to be smoked out at night,

My days were numbered, had to turn all my wrongs into what’s right.

Bloodshed won’t propel us further young brothers, we must unify,

There’s serious strength in numbers, this won’t be denied.

Hustling harder than the next man; supernatural like x-men,

My mission is to always win; no friends over here, only kin.

Vowed I protect her from all the evils of this world,

Show her what’s she’s truly worth, beyond diamonds and pearls.

We learned from our mistakes, tears were shed,

Now our souls elevate higher, spirits well fed.

Reconstructing humanity, strengthening a complex puzzle,

My greatest motivator when we speak deeply and cuddle.

Separation empowered our affection, the truest resurrection,

Built a deeper connection sweeter than any confection.

Signing a lucrative distribution deal, negotiating the best consignments,

When my mind is active on the blank page it defines refinement.

I’m here to murder all of these author’s ruthlessly,

The takeover of the publishing industry, so they think about uprooting me.

Evading prison from boss decisions, harnessing precise visions,

Peaceful is the only way I’m living that’s a given.

Encouraging you to extract your spirit, the art of survival,

If you need inspiration, my words provide the ultimate revival.


Astonished by how God admonishes me, daily,

He said obey my orders and the path I lead will never fail me.

Fornication almost destroyed what’s consecrated and pure,

My African queen rising to the top with me is sure.

Nobody can stop us from staying together; speaking the truth,

She’s a rising star, pious, brilliant and beyond couth.

The power and refinement of my soul, standing out in any group,

Direct aim on the target when we get up and shoot.

She’s worth more than what any dollar could amount to,

Supports me under any circumstance; our bond is true.

She deserves the world and I will give it to her,

My muse and motivation; getting through any event that occurs.

Excellent literature is a gift that descends from the heaven skies,

The ground we move on is above what you see, like we can fly.

I’m just sharing parts of my life with you that have meaning,

Emptiness isn’t part of my life, understanding the gifts I’m receiving.

The devil knocks on the door and I demolish him into nothing,

Why would I believe in an entity that’s content on bluffing?

She provides power with every step I take; refreshing like a lake,

If you won’t give it to me, then I’ll gladly take.

Money without respect and humility is absolutely pointless,

The key to life is always push for a position that’s anointed.

There’s something about her dignity that speaks to me devoutly,

You’re lying if you speak about me and know nothing about me.

She’s all about doing things on her own, keen on her independence,

Every blessing bestowed upon her from the most high makes her transcendent.

When a woman doesn’t need my help that’s what I call sexy,

Waking up in the morning, thankful for how the creator blessed me.

She wears the crown neatly on her head with charm and grace,

I plan on spoiling her rotten to redefine the sense of expensive taste.

She loves my romanticism and knows it will only become enhanced,

If you think you can come between us, the reality is you don’t have a chance.