Releasing my pain, exterminating the devils trickery,

Never cared about the next woman wanting to get with me.

Kept my eyes on one woman, it changed my life immensely,

Having the right queen behind you will keep you out of the penitentiary.

Showing the world a path they haven’t seen before,

Capitalized off a world book tour, penetrated the earth’s core.

Filling the air with joy, goodness, peace, prosperity and hope,

Look deep within yourself and realize there’s no doubts.

Made mistakes but they were never fatal,

Fixed my flaws, so we could have a baby in the cradle.

Faith is unwavering, knew she was the one from our first kiss,

Even before that there was no way I could miss.

Coming out on top was always a thought greatly fought,

Listened closely, absorbed the lessons I was taught.

Entrepreneurs create their own hustle, the mark of independence,

Every word you read is the quintessence of transcendence.

Mansions were bought out completely, only the devil is beneath me,

Integrity runs through my veins, you won’t win being sneaky.

Living in joy and abundance, had plenty of unsuccessful years,

Made nothing for months, the depths of economic despair.

Giving the world a greater vision, believers are benefitting,

Aiming for the target, hitting every time with precision.

Constantly on the move, embracing pain and change,

Painting a perfect picture that deserves to be framed.

Every good name will be slandered, especially when you have manners,

Social proof comes from reviews and professionally designed banners.

Mastering art is a sojourn created for a Godly sensation,

Sending out an invitation, come and have a celebration.

The past only made me improve, never stuck in a groove,

Every time I look around all I see is food.

People act funny around me, angry that God crowned me,

Even during the darkest times I truly found me.


Rising To The Top

Used to pitch ounces of weed,

Small time on the streets, didn’t buy into greed.

Could have easily started flipping pounds,

Made men, who put in work, were the only goons who were around.

Connected like the star’s glowing in the sky,

Full of love, passion, peace, and truth, eradicating lies.

Only lie to save your life when you are in danger,

Men telling their girls they hate me, there’s nothing stranger.

Small minds love being entertained by slander,

Every time they make a move they only meander.

Giant leaps and bounds are the only steps to take,

Every media broadcast is fake, corporations seize the cake.

Reversing the cycle, breaking into the publishing industry,

This is only the beginning, possessing amazing tendencies.

Building your platform takes patience and time,

Invest money in the correct places to shine.

Moments and struggles are only temporary,

Rising to the top takes a determined itinerary.

Raising a hand to a woman means you’re a sucker,

I left my old friends to ball hard like the Rucker.

Exposing the superficial with heat seeking missiles,

There isn’t one author alive whose presence is this official.

Law enforcement resides in the shadows, protecting the property,

The people deserve justice, it’s time to end hypocrisy.

Rooted deeply on a divine mission, making a thunderous transition,

Fresher than the newest edition calibrating sedition.

Staying away from the violence and senseless commotion,

Concoting a writing recipe like a healing potion.

Rising up like pushing the top floor on the elevator,

Laughing crazily at every jealous hater.

Taking over the entire province by storm,

Growing grains in abundance like corn.