Dreams are created to be chased, fate is determined,

But free will is the only reason why winners are earning.

Haters smile in your face, act like family; it’s a disgrace,

How can hatred and insecurities establish a stronger human race?

Posterity is imperative, listen closely to my literary narrative,

Become your own light, every action you take is operative.

My soul is awakened, rising up and taking what’s mine,

The crown has been written to be placed on my head, so divine.

The harder times are the more hopeful I become,

Darkness subsides after struggling, shining bright like the sun.

Words locked in the chamber; they only exit under comfort and danger,

It’s a shame when you need to go alone, and get more love from strangers.

Praying for all the true believers locked up, the kids indentured by prostitution,

Whatever the provocation, I act accordingly and find a solution.

Bright future with a team full of bosses and soldiers,

A queen to build with exponentially, so we can grow older.

Professional, underground, and international connections,

Making the stars shine for my empowerment of the world is the only direction.

Hard work on the blank page, writing outside the box, evading the cage,

Creating an ethereal stage, forcing all of my enemies to disengage.

Smoking sour, skunk, kush, and haze, entering a new phase,

Writing the next chapter; calm disposition, precise rage.

I don’t have any other choice but to get it, like a case acquitted,

Putting Nova Scotia on the map like a Yankee fitted.

Rough times only make you stronger, powerful and integral,

Generosity, ambition, loyalty and compassion running through my ventricles.

The greatest writer to ever grace planet earth, I know what I’m worth,

Even flowers are required to spend a segment of its time buried in dirt.

Millions flowing in on a monthly basis, I’m speaking about the future,

Book sales is a fragment of my entrepreneurial spirit; soul beyond super.

False prophets get praised for their artistic satire,

All they can say is how real they are, but I’m here to make all of them retire.


The Angles Of Angels

These men claim their kings, but they’re only peasants,

Pawns on the chess board, moving backwards thinking it’s pleasant.

One night stands aren’t something I participate in,

Had too many in the past, punishment reigned down for my sins.

Cautious around these snakes and heathens,

Powerful and respected because I won’t stop believing.

Karmic retribution isn’t a path to evolution,

The boomerang of life is shocking like electrocution.

Erupting like a volcano this summer,

Moving through the plight, staying undercover.

Illuminating the darkness like a campfire,

I can make a body disappear like The Wire.

Floating within the stars like a satellite,

Vision is enormous, I’ll never be the average type.

Buying into gossip is naive and idiotic,

Creating the impossible, prepared by a prophet.

Giving back is what matters the most,

Who cares about showing off, you need to pay the cost.

Golden drive shining like diamonds; ambition with perfect timing,

Capitalizing heavily off every book signing.

Futuristic depictions rendering unmatched fiction,

The best novelist alive; full of controversy and friction.

Plant ideas and watch the seeds sprout,

Undeniable clout, I never had any doubts.

Satan tried to take me out but failed miserably,

All he does is try to smile in my vicinity.

Stay alert, make plans, and put them into action,

Fame sucks, it becomes difficult to maintain traction.

Shadow boxing, timed sprints, enhancing my cardiovascular,

Precise, witty vernacular, you never met someone this spectacular.

Writing gold is all I know how to do,

Every author is underneath my prose like the bottom of a shoe.

Fruitful Grind

Ambition over beauty is living truly,

Real men defend a woman’s honor; it’s a God given duty.

Suckers talk down to their significant other,

I know people who would decapitate their own mother.

The world is foul, cold, ruthless, and evil,

Goodness comes from within the nature of people.

Life is astoundingly beautiful and breathtaking,

Moving strategically; nobody knows the moves I’m making.

Listening to jazz, getting ridiculously inspired,

Smoking weed so potent, you won’t get any higher.

Locking down any area that receives my presence,

Discovering the strength of my spirit created from the essence.

The seeds planted only pursue growth,

Whether the day is sunny or stormy, all I see is hope.

The roots of tree branches bear its due fruit;

Will you follow the righteous path or let every demon loose?

Laser like precision on the visions I’m given,

Revelations change lives positively, with a swift incision.

Literary monster, publishing genius without a sponsor,

Confident, classy, and charismatic, so any land I conquer.

Future so bright that its like a heavenly blinding light,

The sojourn through the tunnel tells me to fight.

Freelance writing financed the start-up of my publishing company,

My subconscious has awoken, I know what lies in front of me.

If you truly love yourself, you’ll never be envious of somebody else,

Hatred is negative energy that’s horrible for your health.

Only focus on peace and love, watch your life change,

Every situation is temporary, don’t fret over rain.

Embrace pain, channel it into ways to entertain,

Be a leading example, and you’ll be labelled as insane.

Public scrutiny and criticism only should make you work harder,

Every odd has been set against me, it only made me smarter.

Concentrate solely on the passion, repudiate all of the numbers,

Target an audience, but market to the world, and become hotter than summer.

Prepare your thesis and move like the breeze,

I’m so sick with the words, I spread like a disease.

Fearing another man is cowardly and foolish,

Reading every mind, analyzing every event shrewdly.

Painting picture’s like Kandinsky, scriptwriter of movies,

Overpowering the false authority of the unruly.

Vicious like fights that break out in prison yards,

Always grind hard and play your cards.

Evoking a keen sense of humor and seriousness,

Impenetrable like steel, stronger than the iron fist.

The government is hogwash designed to oppress the people,

Nepotism is the movement I believe in for a sequel.

The greatest author who will ever grace planet earth,

I had legendary teachers who showed me what I’m worth.

Living To Win

Challenge yourself to empower your health,

Stop getting locked up like a belt.

Invigorating the destitute, setting new writing precedence,

I do my due diligence, to keep my publishing relevant.

The genuine will always say how underrated you are,

Staying underground traveling through tunnels like a car.

Mapping out my entire life on the blank page,

Only three pages of planning for a business to grow and age.

Keep a concise record of how you implement ideas,

Sleep is optimal, but I neglect it to plant seeds like chia.

Six figures is nice but it means nothing to me,

I worked hard to earn my stunting degree.

Most of my acquaintances are praying on my downfall,

I could face any kind of adversity and stand tall.

My book tour will add serious enlightenment to my dome,

But there’s only one place that I can call home.

Message so flexible that it hits every decibel,

I feed you healthy words like green vegetables.

People are comfortable with being lazy,

Put your soul into driving ambition further, and get called crazy.

You’ll never see what I deal with behind the scenes,

Nobody can track me or stop me from completing my dreams.

Entrepreneurial endeavors can be volatile like the weather,

My footsteps break up the ground, but I move lighter than a feather.

Stopping is only meant to be executed in traffic,

I need to keep going to get this cabbage.

I live in the underworld and cherish the underground,

The mainstream stirs up controversy and worships the sound.

I inspire minds, refine time, facilitate my grind;

Decimate swine, age like wine, persevere through any bind.

Most people love the convenience of fast food,

But their marketing teaches you to deceive and be rude.


I capture moments that are ahead of my time,

What I define is the essence of a relentless grind.

The odds are dead set against me, so I beat them,

Aboriginals are marginalized in my country, legislation mistreats them.

You read struggles, pain, trials and tribulations in my poetry,

I learn about the publishing industry, I don’t need people showing me.

I’m open to listen and take advice if you’re ahead in life,

Experienced a lot of strife to find my future wife.

I got accused of being lost and a liar,

In order to save my life I had to pass through the fire.

Lunch at the CN Tower is just a business meeting,

Another annual report like seasons greetings.

Women need to stop trying to play boys,

Breeding another senseless dog to employ.

Conforming is made for the cheaters and weaklings,

Creating an unforgettable wave like your first encounter with the precinct.

Reading less than I’m writing cause work matters,

A huge dreamer, I don’t fill my mind with clatter.

I have love for everyone, but I’m loyal to the true believers,

Whenever I’m around its like watching a movie in theaters.

Screenwriting award; winning motion pictures,

The checks are correct from studying scriptures.

I made sure to get a number of plays under my belt,

The audience was in tears, it was so heartfelt.

When you realize you can’t be stopped, you’re a threat,

I put blood, sweat, and years into every set.

I remember not even having a dollar to my name;

But I knew I would be filthy rich like LeBron James.

The law written in our nature is irresistible,

I multiply my racks, create anamolies not so typical.

I guarantee I write faster than any author alive,

I built Scotian Breeze from nothing, I was feeling deprived.

Treasure Words, Collect Figures is my life summarization,

Taking over the publishing industry doesn’t require justification.

The only being moving me is Allah and myself,

The only reason I capitalized was from knowledge-of-self.

I only choose to be surrounded by the presence of pretty women,

The mental creates the physical, I’m doing things heavy like Ronnie Coleman.

Sports, fitness, discipline and determination will save you;

The mind will be sharper, so the buffoons won’t play you.

I sell books on the streets to strangers,

I survey the geographical area, thoroughly like a park ranger.

Loonies, toonies, fives, tens, and twenties,

I take it any way I can get it to obtain plenty.

Unbelievably grateful for what I earned;

When I’m driving on the highway I take a sharper turn.

Analyzing the technicalities and legalities, understanding reality;

Most say I’m delusional, but they work for a salary.

Perfecting my craft, your girl is licking my shaft,

The head is so sensational, she can’t be daft.

Classy behavior to my adversaries and neighbours,

Harvesting on the farm, doing manual labor.

I won’t ask for favors cause I’m the savior,

I’m from an era where my generation doesn’t know of pagers.

Stay tuned for my ode to Langston Hughes;

I instill a positive mission, I guarantee you won’t feel used.

Celebrating in the club popping bottles;

Bagging models with my foot on the throttle.

I don’t get involved with females, unless we’re friends first;

Jump into a pool of lust and drown in hurt.

Sunday is the beginning of the week for me,

I’m refreshingly cool like iced tea.

The ambition of a go-getter battles the storm,

The grind has flawless form, my books sell faster than porn.