Praying for all of the real ones locked behind bars,

Some are in for life, others are locked for decades, I’m blessed to be on Mars.

Connected on the streets and in the business world, you bet,

People see me as a threat but fail to plan my death.

Here for longer than you can even imagine,

Deeper than any caverns, beyond what you even fathom.

Have soldiers behind me who will stab you into pieces,

Cuts inserted the deepest; speaking on a street thesis.

Disrespect me and I attack until you catch amnesia,

Avoid me on these streets because you aren’t a believer.

Staring in the eyes of all these soft cupcakes,

A platoon who acts like brothers, behind each other in tough states.

The feds won’t approach us, they are afraid and petrified,

I’ll freeze you up in your tracks with just one stride.

You won’t play with our money because you’ll go more than bankrupt,

You my think your rough, but I see you’re masquerading as tough.

I know some savages who would murder just for fun,

They won’t think twice about it, lay low, and stay on the run.

Explaining the environments I’ve been through;

Speaking on the evil that some real men do.

Always see the brighter picture of these darkest sides,

When I rise I know miracles are about to happen; no lies.

Guns aren’t busting like they used to be, so the choice is the knife,

I’ll never lie about my past is what I tell my future wife.

She knows I’m going where others won’t and she’s coming with me,

Expensive taste that’s acquired silently and thrifty.

Using the same hustle for drugs with books, got you hooked,

The ground shook, millions of copies sold digitally; electrified books.

Speaking on future events that are so far behind me,

People who are loyal to the need of you are grimy.

Working harder than all author’s; writing even when I’m not,

I could school their anthologies with only one thought.


Taking Over

God is the greatest plug, dirt is swept under the rug,

My team provides the electricity, connection and we always show love.

The tables can turn rapidly if you violate,

We aren’t going anywhere, always prepared to annihilate.

Contemplation on deep resuscitation of the city,

Promised our creator to always keep it gritty.

Life begins and ends during the same moments we breathe,

If you want to fulfill your dreams, you need to do more than believe.

Politicians sitting in our back pocket, the city called so we locked it,

Enemies tell us to stop it, you won’t cut into our profits.

Swifter than your smoothest expert,

Culinary genius; the vegan food has a divine taste and texture.

Our nature is impenetrable, we have people listening; completely amenable,

I can call up the recruits, whether they are soldiers or generals.

Towering over the competition, it’s part of our volition,

Some call us troublemakers, but its just peaceful sedition.

Under the scope, all we do is provide hope,

Repent before its too late; Allah provides a long rope.

I treat selling books like pushing dope,

Weed connoisseur, aiming for a position much higher than the pope.

Love is the religion that administrates my decisions,

Anything imagined is how I complete the vision.

Making moves that could be in movies,

Sometimes lust with a broad is the only thing that soothes me.

Been through way too much to turn back now,

The judicial system hands out sentences like candy, the epitome of foul.

The truth hurts, representing it to the extreme,

The only status locked in is that I’m supreme.

Securing the bag through meticulous investments,

When the rain pours, someone is going back to the essence.

Authenticity is the opposite of trickery,

Mad at me because your girl is missing me.


Legendary status doesn’t come easy,

Soon I’ll be soaking up the sun, letting the waves splash my body in Fiji.

Hard work is all I know, leaving the blank page unsatisfied,

Satiating voracious reader’s, leaving everyone gratified.

Signing contracts, the deals are getting ratified,

Skipping stages wasn’t part of the plan, I’m never satisfied.

When success seemed unreachable I extended my reach,

Started growing faster, practicing everything I preach.

Watching the sunrise, smoking the finest kush,

I pay no mind to the corrupt, continuing to push.

Deciphering the bullshit is a long journey like getting full and fit,

The only books I know how to write are hits.

I’m accurate, pinpointing every target, I won’t miss,

Come at me and you’ll meet a fish, I’m not talking about a dish.

Multiplying generosity and ambition is the sublime transition,

Diet, exercise, hygiene, reading and relaxation are the keys to nutrition.

Developer, effective communicator, never was an insecure foolish hater,

Still making plenty of mistakes, serving food like a waiter.

Diamonds are the jewels I drop to stay on top,

Even during my worst days, I’m happy and thankful for what I’ve got.

Powerful direction is about a refined sense of expression,

Reveal your hand, the cards become like bombs of depression.

Discipline is listening to what’s beneficial,

Remaining official is using your mind before drawing a pistol.

Nobody can complete their dreams alone,

Build a team with the same visions; construct a home.

Poetry deeper than six feet, dangerously cold and unique,

Overpowering defeat, ensuring all of my enemies retreat.

Elevation like clouds full of wondrous precipitation,

Innovation sparks minds, leading a fearless generation.

I’m sending out invitations, complete the registration,

There’s no need for degradation; unmitigated situations.

Truth Serum

Millions of books sold digitally, then the figures doubled physically,

Fulfilling my obligations and responsibilities–a hustler, I’m the epitome.

I know people who want to get rid of me, you must be kidding me,

Reading holy scriptures, getting inspired, enhancing my virility.

Shooting to top like a rocket, sealing my fate, time to lock it,

Hotter than Mercury, colder than Pluto, the solar system is in my pocket.

Visions are prophetic, the haters are pathetic, healing people like a medic,

I always knew I would get it, the impeccable literary aesthetic.

Mastermind plotting on a scheme to clock millions,

One isn’t enough; it’s shameful like a cracked up ceiling.

My mind is like the perfect storm, moving militant throughout the land,

Locked Down poetry collection will be in demand, like a beach with smooth sand.

Philosophically inclined, the message defined is utterly sublime,

Progressing every hour, far from my prime, the devotion is intertwined.

Women are precious, they leave me breathless, more valuable than a necklace,

Converting negative energy to positive; peaceful before getting reckless.

You can’t promote yourself without confidence and passion,

Production company, restaurants, candles, mineral oil, soap, and fashion.

Hitting unprecedented levels in all of those industries,

Working out hard, getting my weight up, these are my affinities.

Communication is clear, there’s no room for entropy,

It’s an ineffable feeling, knowing I’ll never see the penitentiary.

Molding a lifestyle that children can admire before I retire

Posterity is prosperity, feeding the inner-city–all I do is rise higher.

Commerce and trade, everyone has gotten played,

Receiving more than I lost, retaining back more like a raid.

The breed I’m cut from is cleaner than a fresh shower,

Standing tall and erect, an indispensable addition to the city like the tower.

These fraudulent individuals are cracked and hilarious,

Trying to hold water, everything they attempt is precarious.

These heathens claim they believe in God, but live in conjecture,

They crack under pressure, letting what has no meaning fester.


Avoiding every altercation, like I’m relaxing on vacation,

My vision is above limitations, the freedom of creation.

Valuing gossip and degradation isn’t plausible mitigation,

Penetration of truth, spiraling into the next generation.

Every particle of knowledge is written in books, receive the invitation,

Desecration has become an accepted way of leading nations.

Democracy isn’t a choice; it’s promoted for identification,

Voting is already spoken for, they just want your registration.

Promises are broken, these crooks aren’t submitting to resignation,

HAARP controls the weather, the magnitude of earthquakes are a demonstration.

Speaking the truth, expelling light, holding the torch, strengthening relations,

How long are minds going to stay asleep, accepting this devastation?

Poetic soul, mastered prose, superior storyteller, delving into litigation;

Born for luxurious living, unlike cows, who are forced into insemination.

Expressing the impressions accurately, blessed with articulation,

Writing under the rays of sun; shining because of the moons participation.

Revisionist history is distorting the patterns of what actually happened,

The alarm clock doesn’t have to go off, directing this ship like a captain.

Once you start what’s meant, you won’t stop until the grave,

Embracing the genuine, money shouldn’t make you a modern day slave.

Descending down upon these writers like an avalanche,

You won’t move me out of my stance unless I decide to dance.

Every word written is enhanced, the definition of advanced,

These are thoughts on the back of my mind, you’re entranced.

Orchestrating events like the conductor of a symphony,

Overpowering all of the haters with every tremendous epiphany.

You can’t pay for generosity, loyalty, ambition, and humility,

If you don’t possess these attributes, I assume you’re plotting on killing me.

But the plan is useless, the devil is powerless among giants,

Following guidelines and rules isn’t my prerogative; call me defiant.

Pedigree: unknown entity, a real G, the best things come in threes,

Snitches get destroyed and delivered like a structured plea.


Difficulties Breed Legends

Adversity on these streets; we take your life for snitching,

Prevaricators make me vicious; my trigger finger is itching.

But listen closely, I don’t move violently or morosely,

I’m speaking on what could have been; floating cause I’m ghostly.

Subconscious thoughts are manifested, the truth is attested,

I have the game on lock, every author just got arrested.

I won’t touch the blank page unless I see a coffin,

Catching verbal bodies everyday, every verse is awesome.

Winners respect winners and bosses hang with bosses,

Our wins outweigh every mistake and all of the losses.

Loyalty means you will die for them before you kill,

Sacrificing aspects of your life is how you travel uphill.

By any means I will take all of your fans,

Adrenaline increases, completing what I say because I’m a real man.

Hard times only made me adapt to perfecting this craft,

I’m going after this cheese for every dinner like Kraft.

Concentrated on majesty and conquering every calibers,

My prose is legendary like the removal of Excalibur.

Selling books like diamonds, up the charts I’m climbing,

Going straight to the number one spot because of my rhyming.

Locked Down poetry collection will end the year amazingly,

Four novels and poetry circulating throughout the universe crazily.

Champions aren’t capable of being stopped or toppled,

Building up the culture up like holy apostles.

The smoothest times are indicating future friction,

Indelible fiction, predictions with accurate depictions.

Listening is an art; one of the laws of hustling smart,

Companionship means having an inseparable counterpart.

Collaboration will get your further than trying to it alone,

Look after your team, invite them into your home.

The law of attraction pertains to positive thoughts and enthusiasm,

Effort that goes unmatched, persistent like an orgasm.

The industry blackballed me for exposing their demonic secrets,

Personally, I have my own grind and succeed due to its uniqueness.

The internet is a beast and social media engineers the feet,

Movement and information is sold to data companies; nothing is discreet.

Taking pictures of each atmosphere with every blink,

Each word makes you stop and think–will you elevate or sink?

The only thing I love more than writing is God, family, and the power to create,

I love the hate, sealed my fate, born to own a mansion by the lake.

Hustle Harder

I’m floating in the sky like an airplane,

The softness of the brisk wind has my spirit rearranged.

The luck of draw isn’t a philosophy I preach,

The amount of effort and dedication is what I teach.

Instigation, installation, invigorating illustrious imprints;

Paragraphs are flawless–with or without an indent.

Possessing a narrative that’s undeniably imperative,

I’m under the scope, working hard, something has to give.

I could write my books on toilet paper and make sales,

In order to be successful: you need to fail.

We need to rise up by the decisions we choose to make,

Stop blaming others for the scenario of your fate.

The gossip, backbiting, hatred, and envy,

Why are you focusing on what’s petty and trendy?

There’s no need for this confusion, they want us losing,

The labyrinth is set, so the spirit isn’t improving.

I broke the spell, burned out Satan in hell, got up when I fell;

These advertisements and videos are deception–can’t you tell?

Listen closely to what’s being said, and who said it,

Stop claiming you’re acquiring knowledge from Reddit.

My vision is above the ordinary individual,

I won’t concentrate on the negative that’s incredibly pitiful.

Contentment is found within yourself from specific attitudes,

Why are you addicted to dipping into the platitudes?

Many say God first, but that’s the devil talking treachery,

My words can get you higher than ecstasy.

Philanthropy is only sincere if the person believes in themselves,

Dispersing around expenses as a tax write off isn’t knowledge-of-self.

Don’t be fooled by the fake philanthropy, done in anonymity,

I have a lot of enemies plotting on the end of me.

Too bad all of their actions against me are completely futile,

I’m young, wild, with no weaknesses imbedded in my style.

Give up what doesn’t benefit you and watch your life change,

Seek the beauty of each droplet of rain.

Let’s Unify

I love myself so much, I have sympathy and compassion for others;

Stand tall, stay positive; sending love to all the single mothers.

The capitalist system advertises tricks,

Stop falling for their lies, you’re making them rich.

I love my people, and I want them out of poverty,

We must pool our wealth and invest in land and property.

God isn’t making more soil on the earth,

I have business connections in Perth.

Punctuality is a huge part of building a bright reality,

The media only glorifies heartless fatalities.

Introspection is about finding what’s under the under-covers,

Unity is about loving, trusting, and looking after one another.

Brothers and sister’s this is our time to make changes,

A revolutionary movement that transcends humanity on different stages.

Open books, study history and divine scriptures;

Richness is acquiring knowledge, emit light like a fixture.

Heedful decisions, prevent the chaos of harmful collisions,

I’m never going to be locked in prison because of my visions.

I’m here to help those in need of assistance,

I believe that tough times help you go the distance.

The glorious rays of sunshine, even need rain,

Creation is a derivation of agony and pain.

Speak about struggle and everyone can relate,

I only speak about my life stories, so I receive a lot of hate.

If it’s all love, don’t bring a weapon;

Snakes act like friends, to give a lethal injection.

I dedicated my life to the blank page,

Capture your passion and cultivate your rage.

Fear, nervousness, and anxiety comes from being mad at yourself,

Negativity and pessimistic ways are cancerous to your health.

Let’s stick together, rise up from under the weather;

Encourage each other to become better; jealousy is more common than leather.

Beezy’s World

The grind won’t stop for anyone on the planet,

I receive revelations from God, you wouldn’t understand it.

People won’t get out of their comfort zones and complain;

Angry about their lives, lost within themselves, only feeling pain.

I market my books so well; it’s hope I sell,

I was victorious, and feeling glorious when I fell.

I picked myself back up, and did better,

I’m interested in creating ideas smoother than leather.

Businessman who focuses on solving people’s problems,

The publishing industry is full of frauds, so I rob them.

I’m out here living sucker free, developing a flourishing entity,

I’m ahead of my time like a century.

Concentrating on becoming a better writer;

Penetrating barriers, sparking up greatness like a lighter.

I elevate, levitate, celebrate, and integrate,

The world only sees a small portion of what I generate.

I put my heart and soul into everything I do,

I had to leave my past and form a new crew.

They’re all loyal, deeper than soil; they stay royal,

I rip these suckers to pieces like tin foil.

Shining under the moon, getting hotter under the sun,

The stars are gleaming within me like when I cum.

I never cared about fame or being noticed,

I’m here to stack dollars, but will never show this.

Those who judge others are insecure and weak,

Read my work religiously, if it’s God you seek.

These women won’t make sacrifices to have a real man;

They would rather live a double life, expecting no reprimand.

I politic with the best of them, but I’m not into legislation,

I love seeing promises through, so I can lead the next generation.

I need an exclusive queen who won’t stop,

Faithful, humble, confident, and responsible, building her own crops.


I’m underground, beneath the concrete like the sewers;

These women are so fake, I see directly through her.

These rules apply to the men too, with their treachery;

Understand you won’t stop God from blessing me.

I’m ready to swing on anyone and knock them out flat;

My fists make an impact like running into steel bars, you rat.

Racks only make more racks, that’s a fact,

Investments are what will put you on top.

I’m dropping some brief financial knowledge;

Mental slavery needs to be abolished.

The creative process is daunting and demanding,

But it leads to a positive path of deeper understanding.

Tearing apart all of these fraudulent writers, only the real survive;

Selling books is all about running a smooth enterprise.

I work like I haven’t eaten a meal in five years,

I can expose the depths of your deepest fears.

I forgive myself everyday because we all make mistakes,

I push forward and ask for God’s grace.

When the rain pours down it makes me cosmic,

I touched the moon, and gave every word polish.

I’m a connected man, successful made mogul;

Even when I was down and out, I was incredibly hopeful.

I felt successful before the success arrived,

My soul derives from the illest tribe.

Haters try their best to infiltrate and connive,

But I’m a wise guy like Joe Pesci; future winner of the Nobel Prize.

I could jump into the pool and come out dry;

My style is tight like your necktie.

Applying pressure–my words have a refined texture,

I prefer to speak the truth, instead of living in conjecture.

Life has a funny way of working out when you’re disciplined,

I remisnice on the good, bad, ugly, and even my greatest sins.