Working when they’re sleeping, planning when they’re partying,

Determined to win, looking fly in sweats or a dapper cardigan.

Building personal wealth is harder than you believe,

Taking what’s mine, every thought can be achieved.

Satan disguises himself as an angel, but he won’t trick me,

God placed me on top, you won’t stop what I’m destined to be.

The grind waits on no man, listen, open your mind and expand,

Designing my future, life will be grand.

Colossal mindset, diving deep into unknown destinations,

Every second my spirit is focused on absolute elevation.

We need to unite and utilize purchasing power wisely,

Gracious Nubian Queen who will always stand beside me.

Fans in Brazil, Germany, Norway, Brazil, Russia, and Peru,

Only naming a few; my authenticity you can’t see through.

Blood is extracted on the blank page with every word,

Eloquent, persuasive, creating my own path, I won’t follow the herd.

Inspiring the world to follow their hearts and complete a mission,

My products speak for themselves, they consolidate my position.

Stay productive, stop occupying your mind with foolishness,

Books sold around the globe, I’m really doing this.

Brotherhood brings liberty, revival, you aren’t killing me,

Miracles happen every single day, absorbing Godly abilities.

This world is temporary, done chasing after pleasures,

Precise with every goal, the jewels I drop are treasures.

Exuding positive energy, my heart is filled with light,

If you yearn for what you believe in you must stand up and fight.

Hatred is ignorant and idiotic, just trying to admonish,

Mysterious movements is how the greatest minds consistently astonish.

Hitting the concrete, conducting business internationally,

The only wave is independence, avoiding wicked catastrophes.

There’s always a problem before the riches descend,

Never fall for enemies trying to masquerade as friends.


Purposeful Movements

I prescribe the antidote through my words like a prescription,

The nicest author to have ever written fiction.

Where are you planning on going?

Are you making more than what you’re showing?

I’m climbing to the top like I reached the peak of a mountain,

Refreshing sustainability within my prose like a fountain.

I love when people talk behind my back,

I’m ahead of everyone in Canada, that’s a fact.

Strategically advancing on the board like chess,

I put pressure on these writer’s like a full court press.

Keep your mind open, and expand your reach,

Cut off those who suck blood out of you like a leech.

If you can’t build with the individual, then the situation is critical,

The impact I make is legendary and biblical.

I’m the holiday hit man in the publishing industry,

Knocking off those who act like friends to me.

Locked in on each step I need to take,

I’m after receiving real love, so I can get this cake.

Dancing my way to the bank, while smiling bright,

My fists land like steel, always prepared to fight.

Plan, execute, and create your own opportunities,

I love freedom, independence, truth, and brotherhood, I shine like jewelry.

It doesn’t matter the location or block,

I’ll find you easily, and take you out of your socks.

Fame is designed by an atrocious monster,

I don’t need attention or a thoroughbred sponsor.

I support myself and climb higher up the ladder,

Bursting you open like bladder, laughing at all the chatter.

A businessman whose gifts have been unwrapped twice,

I paid the price, so I sacrificed for a brand new life.

Chandeliers hanging from the ceilings, stainless marble floors,

Luxury vehicles, and millions in cash, but I only want more.

I Love The Hatred

I don’t have jealousy or envy in my world because I’ve transcended;

There are babies in streets with no water, food, or clothes; they need to be mended.

Legislation passes bills to enforce laws that will stifle the people,

My confidence, courage, and charisma shines bright and so regal.

Brotherhood is about helping our fellow man, after we get established,

I’m a compassionate man, but will murder ruthlessly like a savage.

People research, dig deep, and don’t comprehend my message,

God has made sure my purpose is annoyingly receptive.

I will be a publishing mogul; these fraudulent authors won’t eat;

Only the real entrepreneurs will survive this heat.

I laugh at how insecure and ignorant people are;

They try to project their own flaws towards you; they won’t get far.

I wish nothing but the best for everyone, and hope they win,

I’m a strong maker of men like the Bartendaz kin.

There are no doubts in what I plan on accomplishing for the planet,

I control an entire nation, and help the destitute who can barely manage.

Homelessness is no joke, I’ve been there myself,

I know what it’s like when nobody extends their hand for help.

My heart could eat all of these writers alive for a light snack,

I only experience positive notions, like anxiety I attack.

I don’t get nervous or fearful of anything that happens;

Because I think of those who have less when I’m napping.

Twenty-five opened my eyes; it started the inception of my publishing company,

I’ll be multimillionaire before I hit twenty-six; I’m straight stunting, see?

I have other businesses I will start to operate,

But I first need to focus on hiring a secretary and an office space.

Freelance writing and ghostwriting funded my literary career

The devil tries to trick me, but he won’t interfere.

I inspire individuals deepest desires; graceful like a massive choir,

I found my passion, so I don’t need to look for hire.

I’m the greatest writer to ever grace planet earth;

Allow my words to enter your soul, so you can know your worth.


If you want it to come easy, then you don’t really want it;

Accelerate past the nonsense, shoot through the stars like a comet.

Humanity will make you lose, but learn how to win;

A contributing factor is abstaining from sin.

Writing is the hardest artistic creation,

Novels require research, revival, and unwavering concentration.

Nothing can match the value of a true queen,

Ignorance doesn’t make you mean.

I stand for brotherhood, independence, ambition, and loyalty,

My family is the epitome of royalty.

I promote a brand that’s designed to monopolize;

I’m opening up another lucrative enterprise.

I love listening, I praise integrity and honesty,

I make the depressed and hopeless laugh, comically.

Revealing revelations, building sound infrastructure,

My style doesn’t expire like mustard.

Direct link, connections and invitations,

I inspire the art of hustle in the younger generation.

When I write words all I see is paper;

Save, invest, manage, and spend is why I have so many haters.

Even during a drought I keep winning;

Submerged in the fountain of youth, hitting a home run like it’s the ninth inning.

Results are what I strive for every hour,

I know what tough times create, I’m not a coward.

Slowing down for the competition isn’t a choice,

I’m in a league of my own, with my literary voice.

Forever humble, grateful, gracious, and faithful,

My brand is a household name and publishing staple.

The light switch turned on in my life, after a long battle,

I kill my beef, ruthlessly like cattle, lock in my stable like a saddle.

I treat every word I write like selling drugs; an addiction,

I write flawlessly, producing the most scintillating, provocative fiction.